07 May 2009

like a virgin?

Madonna will be 51 in August. I never really thought we would have anything much in common. Well things have changed, as I approach my 50th in October- I recognize one of my own. Today when I was sweltering in the 70 something degree afternoon- pulling a few weeds, moving pots around in the flower beds- I thought about how the heat bothered me not 20 years ago, 10 years ago, after that- slowly the heat started creeping up on me. I was HOT. Later as I stood in front of the mirror massing wet (yes wet) ringlets on top of my head, starting at the neck, flipping my head over pinning and finally topping it off- on top with a pseudo ponytail- I immediately thought about MADONNA. YES! She must be going through menopause! All of a sudden the hair made mad sense! I could relate. She was HOT! as evidenced by the "up do" at this week's Metropolitan Museum's MODEL as MUSE GALA.

I can't really explain the thigh high boots-She's thin-Her legs get cold...but the sleeveless frock- not for shock- She's HOT... and her date is too.

pictures from STYLE.com and HuffingtonPOST.com


  1. You crack me up! I know Madonna took a lot of heat for that outfit. But, honestly, I think she rocks.

  2. Janet-I've been following her since her club days-(a virgin?) In fact with the scrunchie and the fingerless gloves-she's channeling her 80's vibe. She'll be rocking in her 80's and shocking too.

  3. now that you mention it, madonna definitely does have one of those hairdos you can throw together when you're hot. now the whole outfit makes sense!! ;-)



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