08 May 2009

Wilde Reader

Must read Built of Books: How Reading Defined the Life of Oscar Wilde, by Thomas Wright

You are what you read?
Oscar Wilde-Dandy. His library was sold off while he was jailed for "gross indecency" It sold for a song, was three decades in the making and Wilde was inconsolable and remembered it always as his "most distressing loss. "It was his literary self-portrait , a library of his aesthetic predilections, classical education, and own publications — but it was also a candid reflection of his evolution from bookish academic to flamboyant public figure."(from Daily Dose)

Controversy and Debate- Wright opines that reading Plato at Oxford may have "engendered Wilde's latent attraction to other men." (what?) This reading suggests that the battle over Wilde's legacy remains more than a little relevant in the world we live in today. I can't imagine how this sort of leap by the author translates to the reading material of today's young impressionable minds.

Read the introduction-
(click) from Wright in the wsj online.
Read the review-(click) by Benjamin Ivry on sfgate.com

I will read it up and always marvel at the brilliance of the Wilde man, the hilarity of Being Earnest and the horror of Dorian Gray.


  1. I love it here as well; adding you to my blogroll straight away.

  2. Loved the post and the link back to the review. Last month my husband and I treated ourselves to a rerun (netflix!!) of 'Lily Langtry' which had been on Masterpiece Theatre years ago. I had forgotten that Wilde had written Lady Vandermere's Fan about Lily. It's sad to think the joy of living through books may be lost. Can a writer come of age with a kindle? Thank for sharing your views, and your passions.

  3. home- I for one can barely read blog posts on the computer. But I do, generational? not sure- but the magic of a book will never be lost- perhaps rare, probably when I am long gone. Dont know if you have seen the biopic with Stephen Fry as Wilde, also Jennifer Ehle as his wife- its called Wilde- I am going to have another look at it very soon. G

  4. I agree,great post and O Wilde never to be beaten. I read him over and over again.HEE



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