15 May 2009

heart of stone I

The main female ambition is to please and to be loved although pleasure and love don’t last more than ten, fifteen years. Women don’t think about improving their spirit as well as their appearance, they forget that a good soul lasts forever and it is a nice company in the forthcoming years.
madame de pompadour

sculpture of Madame de Pompadour in the Paris garden of Pauline de Rothschild


  1. Home, Madame was , especially with the huge paw she is showing. I adore this photograph beyond.(Horst)

  2. Perhaps it is the paws that refreshes. I have two consoles one is with griffins and one outside is with lions. I think it would be beyond wonderful to have consoles using the female/animal combo, don't you?

  3. Home again- I do. Apparently their are companies that do them- I have looked- to no avail,one (name escapes me) said to have them- did not- tracked thru sources in World of Interiors.G



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