14 May 2009

Patching it up- by Elsa and Clarence

Loving fabrics the way I do- It's no wonder this one catches my eye-over and over again. Here- as seen in what is always the most creative of presentations by World of Interiors in the magazines take on new fabrics-


(photograph by Bill Batten)

Elsa Schiaparelli's glorious take on the same theme- from 1930.

Elsa's Eschia evening coat from Spring 1930, wool and silk

pillow in Clarence House Harlequin Quilt.

variations on the theme compliments of World of Interiors

all World of Interiors photographs styled by Jessica Hayns


  1. I love the Clarence House fabric, hope to use it sometime soon, it is one of my favorite things to see the returning to themes (amd arent they always the best and most classic ones)I love your blog.G

  2. I love that fabric too! One of my very very coolest clients EVER; A Mr Glen Mitchel; a resident of Santa Barbara.......let me use this expensive......yet brilliant fabric in his tres chic condominium....in a "retirement community"....(we do not say "condo" in Santa Barbara.......just so you know....) and he is the most popular bachelor in the entire place. He has to have security at his door!

    This is one sexy man! And this fabric is only partially responsible! but important.

    ps I remember he did say......"How much did you say that costs a yard?"

    Smart man.....he went for it.....and has been smothered with women ever since!

    I think he may be 85; but he may be younger! "Spry" is putting it mildly!

  3. Penelope, what a great story! I don't like "condo" either! The fabric is so full of life -as it sounds like your client is. Clarence House can always be counted on to give up these singular fabrics some one can not live without. pgt



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