23 June 2009


We all take our books seriously- stacks here, everywhere, there aren't enough bookcases to house them. I've heard so many confessions recently-" I've tried to stop collecting, buying, I'm tapering off "- which usually means there isn't anything alluring enough to tempt.

The recent Enduring Style Series from Mrs Blandings dubbed Miles Redd the one to watch. Here he is:

Miles well REDD-
on top

1 comment:

  1. Miles Redd had me at the mirrored bathroom. Love his mixing it all up, his use of stripes, his unabashed and comfortable way he mixes the casual with the elegant. For 15 years I have said I'm going to panel my kitchen with sheet mirror. I have witnesses. I thought of it first, Miles! Love his style and hope a book is in the works. I'm sure it will be well redd.



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