22 June 2009

The Peak of CHIC- C'est CHIC Summer Reading

C is for CHIC

dorothy draper C'est CHIC

Over at the PEAK of CHIC its curator even boasts a second blog called BIBLIO STYLE. To say the least- I wished I'd thought of that. I suspect hordes of Peak of Chic wannabes say the same as they read her fresh, oh so Chic- posts. Ms. Chic , Jennifer Boles, writes almost daily and with gusto.

BiblioStyle C'est Chic (click)

What Books are on your Summer reading list?

“Churchill’s Bunker: The Secret Headquarters at the Heart of Britain’s Victory” by Richard Holmes (What can I say? I was a history major.)

“Rogue’s Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls and the Money that Made the Metropolitan Museum” by Michael Gross

Where do you read and When? Does the genre you are reading dictate the place you read- in other words, Do you take just any old book to bed?

My coffee table design books must be read on the sofa or in a chair- too heavy to read in bed. I take my biographies and history books to bed.

"Reading in Bed"

James Whistler

What does your nightstand look like? or your side of the bed, floor, chair?

On my vintage nightstand, I have a small stack of books, fresh flowers, and my radio alarm clock (I’m still a big fan of these radio alarm clocks.) Oh, and of course my glasses so that I can see what I’m reading.

What is you all time Favorite Book for its sense of place?

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.

vintage classics book cover by megan wilson

(mybookcovers-will weigh in on her picks too)

(dorothy draper room with Empire portrait over mantle)

What is your Security Blanket Book?

Dorothy Draper’s “Decorating is Fun!”

the chic Jennifer Boles of the Peak of Chic

Dorothy Draper strikes a pose

What is your favorite Genre? Why? What is your most recent purchase in this category?

I would have to say that my favorite genre is design because the books are not just informative, they also provide so much inspiration too. Biographies and non-fiction history come in a close second.

& from DOROTHY:
"good showmanship is the answer. the colour of your front door announces your personality to the world" DD

"too much of anything is the beginning of a mess." DD
(Never a truer word said- Unless of course it would too MANY BOOKS!)

What is the seminal book in your field or your passion that you would recommend to young would be(s) of the same?

Same as my security blanket book: Dorothy Draper’s “Decorating is Fun!” While interior design is a serious career, Dorothy put it in perspective. It should be fun and it should enrich one’s life.

READ about Dorothy Draper at the Peak of Chic

Wintergreen Dorothy Draper's Masterpiece

Draper Stripes

Latest Obsession Author, Designer, Photographer?

Miles Redd. We need to have a book of his work published. Mario Buatta deserves this as well.

Miles Redd channeling Draper's Palette & her STRIPES

I went through many of the Peak's posts and she has 34 posts about Mrs. Draper and Mr. Redd. She knows where her passions live.

Book covers can be art- Do you have a favorite cover in your stacks?

Almost all of Cecil Beaton’s books have wonderful cover art.

Going out on a limb here –define LIBRARY in the nontraditional sense?

A library should be a room where books that are actually read reside. It should be a place where you really live, where you read, where you might even take drinks or meals. It should be a room where you go to broaden your horizons. This might sound traditional, but I think we’ve gotten away from the real meaning of a library.

What is Your most CHIC reading material?

Mine would have to be a true indulgence read- I actually got it on Friday- and placed it before all others-meaning I have already violated the code of order in my Summer Reading list- GYPSET Style a fusion of Gypsy and Jetsetter- well- Yes, a bit of a frivolity- but I needed a bit.

As a reward for being a Chic Reader or just A Bit Frivolous- and confiding!- reap the rewards of the BOOK- A PERFECT RED, by Amy Butler Grenfield. it's yours, but you have to tell.


  1. I have enjoyed Peak of Chic's point of view and insights. At almost 60, it warms my heart to hear younger people talk about their love of books and what they mean to them. So agree about a Miles Redd needing a book of his own. Loving your focus on books, Little Augury!

  2. Great post and so excited to read more and more!

  3. Indeed, I'd buy a Miles Redd book instantly! And "Rogues' Gallery" is rivetting.

  4. AAL and Home, Miles Redd must have a book. I suspect one in the works-Don't you? g.

  5. AD- My only fear is that my List- already a two headed monster- will grow into a hydra! I am already behind. G

  6. Thanks for including me! I did not realize I had written so many posts on DD and Miles...
    This is a fabulous series!

  7. Peak the pleasure is mine and the reader- You know what you like- I really enjoyed reading them too- a new appreciation for DD and have always followed Miles Redd and think he's grand. g

  8. By far, my chicest read is Emily Eerdmans' wonderful "Regency Redux" !!!

    P.S. I have already read "A Perfect Red" and highly recommend it.

  9. janet- I am glad to get a recommendation on the perfect Red! especially from You. thanks,

  10. Jennifer is definitely the peak of chic. LOVE the question about what is your security blanket book as well as favorite covers.... EEE



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