17 June 2009

Questions Posed to our Blogger FRIENDS,READERS, books books books

"She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain."
Louisa May Alcott

BOOKS, I loved them as a child-neglectfully coloring in the pages-practicing writing(scribble)- playing school(this may have been my problem-I wanted to play school Not -Go to School.)

I received books as gifts when growing up- My first special book was the Louisa May Alcott book Little Women. Whether it is for this reason or many others- It is still (helplessly, humbly, and very unsophisticatedly)- one of my favorites.

I admit it might sound prettier to say so If I had a house full of girls to read and reread it too, But No- I never had a child. Just A lovely niece that upon our second night of reading LW aloud to her- She took a shot to the heart with these simple words, "Meg is bo-wing (boring.)" Crushed as I was, I didn't cry, only sighed and left her to her bubble bath.

I just purchased a new copy of LITTLE W to add to a collection of them. It is a Penguin Classic with cover design by Julie Docet(click). I admit the cover grabbed me- I think it might even appeal to me niece now- Birthday present? HUMMM? She might not like the story but could never deny the cover.

Julie Docet's cover

Here is the list of QUESTIONS(in royal purple) posed to fellow bloggers and friends, along with This is what I had to say:

What books are on your Summer Reading List? Is there one book you honestly don't expect to get to? Why?

my picks
Hexenlust und Sundenfall (Witches Lust and the Fall of Man): Die Seltsamen Phantasien des Hans Baldung Grien ( the Stange Fanstasies of Hans Baldung Grien) by Bodo Brinkman/HBG(1484-1545) drawings and etchings depicting the behaviour of witches
more will certainly pop up here
FAVORITE GENRE? this is mine.
Maeve Brennan Homesick at the New Yorker Angela Bourke
Caresse Crosby Anne Conover & Tears Before Bedtime and Weep No More Barbara Skelton ( these 2 I added at the suggestion of fellow blogger An Aesthete's Lament-to my already -Undoable list)
Ashcombe The Story of a Fifty Year Lease Cecil Beaton
The Loveliest Woman in America Bibi Gaston
Beverly Nichols: A Life Bryan Connon & along with this Rhapsody in Green The Garden Wit and Wisdom of Beverley Nichols edited by Roy C. Dicks
Built of Books How Reading Defined the Life of Oscar Wilde Thomas Wright
Brian Howard Portrait of a Failure Marie-Jaqueline Lancaster
My Darling Heriott Jane Brown-THIS IS A BOOK I WILL BE GIVING AWAY- bio of Lady Luxborough
Voltaire in Exile Ian Davidson

cover design by MY BOOK COVERS
Anchor Books Painting by Rex Whistler
The Little Girls , The Hotel , & A World of Love( read this but will read it again Elizabeth Bowen( one of my favorite writers of the moment)
I want to start re-reading E.F.Bensen's Mapp & Lucia Books
The Elegance of the HedgeHog Muriel Barbary- reading Now
The Time Traveler's Wife Audrey Niffenegger - reading Now

Yes, Yes- too heavy on the BIOS etc. However they will likely go down easy- I devour them. The Oscar Wilde Book I will read to get the gist of his bookcases- but from some reviews the author's conclusion about how Wilde's reading habits shaped his sexual preferences- I may beg off- I don't hardly see how books could do such a thing to OW, But that's another story.

L M Alcott

What is your security blanket book?
Can you guess? With no apologies- Little Women (see my remarks above) I will add, Everytime I have read this book, except for the few times as a child and teen- I was in crisis. Reading LW always reinforced what matters to me and I hope always will. A deceptively simple tale with a deep well of family, loyalty, duty, faith and leaving and returning home.

Elizabeth Bowen photographed by Slim Aarons

Latest Obsession Author, Designer, Photographer?
This question has three answers-I have obsessions in all three areas- You would know. As for an Author- would I be too obvious- to say Elizabeth Bowen(click to read more). I have read a number of her books along with Afterthought and the tome Bowen's Court- tracing EB's ancestors and their lives at Bowen's Court in Ireland beginning in 1649. Her attachment to Bowen's Court meanders throughout the book, making it a favorite.
from Wikipedia:
"Elizabeth Bowen was greatly interested in ‘life with the lid on’ and what happened when the lid came off. Her work deals with innocence and betrayal and the secrets that lie beneath the veneer of respectability."

A Review of Death of the Heart
A QUOTE from The House in Paris
"It is a wary business, walking about a strange house you are to know well. Only cats and dogs with their more expressive bodies enact the tension we share with them at such times. The you inside you gathers up defensively: something is stealing upon you every moment; you will never be quite the same again. These new unsmiling lights, reflections and objects are to become your memories, riveted to you closer than friends or lovers, going with you, even, into the grave: worse, they may become dear and fasten like so many leeches on your heart." Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen photographed by Eudora Welty

Elizabeth Bowen's Catalog
from wikipedia
short stories
  • Encounters (1923)
  • Joining Charles and Other Stories (1929)
  • The Cat Jumps and Other Stories (1934)
  • The Easter Egg Party (1938 in The London Mercury)
  • Look At All Those Roses (1941)
  • The Demon Lover and Other Stories (1945)
  • Stories by Elizabeth Bowen (1959)
  • A Day in the Dark and Other Stories (1965)
  • The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen (1980)
  • Elizabeth Bowen’s Irish Stories (1978)
  • Bowen's Court (1942)
  • Seven Winters: Memories of a Dublin Childhood (1942)
  • English Novelists (1942)
  • Anthony Trollope: A New Judgement (1946)
  • Why Do I Write: An Exchange of Views between Elizabeth Bowen, Graham Greene and V.S. Pritchett (1948)
  • Collected Impressions (1950)
  • The Shelbourne (1951)
  • A Time in Rome (1960)
  • Afterthought: Pieces About Writing (1962)
  • Pictures and Conversations (1975)
  • The Mulberry Tree (1999).
Have you read any of the Books on My List ? Stop me- if You have-& didn't like it (break the news gently) but do Tell me the Truth.
Does something Look promising? Tell Me What is on Your Book List? Your favorite Genre? Security Blanket Book? Your latest Obsession? I will wait to hear from you- and then choose Someone to Receive YOUR PICK from The BOOK LIST posted on the 16th- YOUR PICK!


  1. Wonderful List!
    I adored The Elegance of the Hedgehog and The Time Traveler's Wife. So much!
    I have some Elizabeth Bowen but have yet to read her. You have encouraged me to move her closer to the top of the list.

    You have a wonderful blog. How is it that I'm just now finding you???

  2. Dear- I do love Little Women too-seems I remember your reading that, and reading it again. BACT

  3. What a great looking blog- just found it too. I am a book hound too. I can well recommend the Elegance of the Hedgehog and any Elizabeth Bowen.

  4. Pamela T & E. I am thrilled that you did Find me! I am tucked down south in NC between big ol NYC and Atlanta. At least I dont have trouble getting House Beautiful-which seems to be the case in CA!
    I am glad to know Elizabeth Bowen is waiting for you. Now you will love her. The Time Traveler's is great- I find less reading time more getting the hang of the blog thing- but I am vowing to break away and read this summer. Gaye

  5. I love the Rex Whistler cover. There's a modern figurative painter who spoofs this style a little. One day I'll remember who the hell it is.
    He has one painting of willowy girls abstracted in a game of Badminton in a landscape with loosely correct perspective. It's one of the paintings that reinforce the idea illustration was never a minor art.
    Someone help, please.

  6. Little Women is THE book that I give to all new baby girls. It a guide book to being an individual in a collective.

  7. rurritable- It might be that the blogger of my bookcovers will know just the one.I will check. g.

  8. jezebel- I am glad to know it- and I think I shall adopt the same tradition, hope you dont mind. You say it so well- an individual in a collective-thank you. G

  9. I am so enamored with the Bowen photographs. I love the Aarons and the E Welty too. It makes me happy to know that 2 of my favorite writers were friends.



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