30 July 2009

just in case you are looking...Caftan Reprise

charmed, I'm sure. EEE book tour look.


"British model-turned-designer Paula Thomas is the creative force behind punk chic label Thomas Wylde, with its signature mix of rebellious prints and luxe fabrics." from Net- A- Porter.com

more about Paula Thomas ? a "random questions" interview by The FASHION INFORMER here

SNAKES, the next big thing? go to Model's Own here, Ulla says.


  1. I had the same thought about EEE's book tour look. I had mentioned to her earlier she should have outfits made from MC fabric to emulate MC's own predilection for doing so herself. The caftan would show off the lovely MC stripes. Love the patterns made with used on the bias.

    The caftan has more structure than Rose Cummings wrapping herself in bolts and tying up with tassels, but it has a certain wink to doyennes with fabric lust and and a spot on eye for marketing!

    I hope EEE reads this. After that great turban look in the mystery masterpiece she did with Magnaverde, she can carry off anything with elegance and panache.

  2. Home, So true, I can totally see it- especially with the boots. After, the MC glove pic, and the turban- She is ready. EEE, are you listening? You have arrived when fans started selecting frocks you can rock- of course you already Have arrived- but you know what I talkin' bout. G.

  3. I remember paula from back in the day when I was modeling in London. She was a real big deal back then and I always thought she was so stylish and beautiful.
    Amazing that she is now such a successful designer...
    And thanks for linking to my blog.. again.
    You are so chic!

  4. la - you can shop for me anytime! Fabulous. Many thanks for introducing me to Paula and Thomas Wylde - you have quite the radar.

  5. Ulla, thank You! I knew you would have a bit of scoop. I do like these looks. la

  6. EEE, think the pic you sent is super duper, and I think this look is right up your alley. Home got it right, you have the joie de vivre needed and the chic too. G

  7. Love! that black one!
    And they are sooo comfortable, especially with a dish of fresh raspberries and the new September Vogue.

  8. The divine Ms. EEE is the only person I know who could wear gold sequins in the English countryside and look perfectly at home.



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