30 July 2009

the mystery of the yellow room by gaston leroux


if you like a mystery a must read is The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux. Leroux wrote The Phantom of the Opera. the Yellow Room, originally published in French Le Mystère de la Chambre Jaune in the 1907 periodical L'illustration.

Detective Joseph Rouletabille makes his first appearance in the Yellow Room- and has an impossible crime to unravel. Leroux holds nothing back -reader is given each detail found by Rouletabille along with floor plans of the crime scene.

read it online here

stairs to the attic

the laboratory


Professor Stangerson's Chateau

the Park

Mlle Stangerson's Bedroom

Mlle Stangerson's Drawing Room

Great Hall of Glandier

Long Gallery of the Chateau

characters illustrated by Boldini

Joseph Rouletabille 
the young journalist and detective


Frederic Larsan – distinguished police detective


Sinclair-the narrator & friend to Rouletabille

Professor Stangerson 
the scientist, owner of "Chateau du Glandier"

Mathile Stangerson 
daughter of the famous scientist & his assistant 

M.Robert Darzac
- Mathile Stangerson's fiance

Jacques the caretaker

happier times
Mlle Stangerson & Darzac

Mlle Stangerson- the victim

the painful interrogation of Mlle Stangerson

the mysterious correspondence of Mlle

The novel finds its continuation in The Perfume of the Lady in Black where a number of the characters familiar from this story reappear.

all exterior and interior views from (here)




    You are on fire with inspiration.
    This is a brilliant post--so much for inspiration.

    I want to go to that stately pile--and see the interiors.

    Looks like the perfect day in the English landscape--hazy and slightly damp, and dense green everywhere.
    Love it--and will now have to find the book.
    Happy days, www.thestylesaloniste.com

  2. DDS, thank You, this is such fun for me, make believe- I have always done this sort of thing as I read, I am a mystery lover, and this one is a good one especially for setting the mood. Gaye

  3. Oooooooh, you bring it all alive! Thank you!

  4. Brilliantly presented! Just the images I wanted to see before bedtime. Thank you!



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