15 July 2009

Porter Hovey's Polaroids Illustrate Her Summer Book List

Porter Hovey is long on images- short on words. In fact, the only words she uses are to give Title to her photographs.

Her blog- Porter Hovey Polaroid Project is unique- not alone in using few words- but certainly in her medium, her images and her defined sense of style.
Her polaroids are finely edited-Each of the images reflects one of her recurring themes or is overwhelmingly evocative of something bigger than-
As I read her book list, the choices were stylish, serious and well chosen. It dawned on me from looking at her photographs that she had photographed the perfect images ot illustrate her book choices.
Both Her books and Her photographs say Style and Self Knowledge-
and that is a gift -to her audience.
What Books are on your Summer reading list?


Is there one book you honestly don’t expect to get to? Why?
-->Factory Made has been on my summer reading list for the past three summers. It's taking awhile - mainly because there's so much in there. It puts countless aspects of modern culture - from art, to fashion to film - into context. It's astonishing when you start cataloging who passed in and out of Warhol's scene.
What does your nightstand look like?
I have one on either side of the bed; they're fairly symmetrical. Art deco crystal lamps, 1920s fashion prints, photos of my Grandma Vi, a John Derian beetle plate strewn with jewelry and a few photo books, including Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids.

What is you all time Favorite Book for its sense of place?

-->What is your Security Blanket Book?
-->What is your favorite Genre? Why?
19th Century Russian Literature - I took so many classes in this genre during college that I have quite a great collection built up. These are the kind of books you have to re-read and will view differently every time to you do. -->What about Books you are reading for a second or third time? Why? Any disappointments on second reading?
I recently started Gatsby again and am seeing the entangling relationships very differently this time around.

What is the seminal book in your field or your passion that you would recommend to young would be(s) of the same?
Looking at Photographs by John Szarkowsk
Latest Obsession Author, Designer, Photographer?
Thomas Maier's work for Bottega Venetta amazes me and I love what Gaultier has done at Hermes. But both are so expensive it's enough to make you cry.

Book Covers can be art-Do you have a favorite?
The music world should look to bookcovers for inspiration.Books beat cds hands down. Megan Wilson's covers for Random House are really great. My favorite of hers is Breakfast at Tiffanys by Truman Capote.
But really my all time favorites are Osa Johnson's giraffe and zebra print covers for Four Years Living in Paradise and I Married Adventure, respectively.

I have PHAIDON's THE 20TH CENTURY ART BOOK - A 4" x 6"-packed 500 pages of images from artists A-Z. This for a Reader to add to his library. Do you have a book you return to time and time again for Inspiration? All polaroid photographs are by Porter Hovey. Ms. Hovey has an "official work site" to this "instant gratification" blog.( HERE)


  1. Creative and wonderful.

    I share her love of Osa Johnson's books...doesn't every designer have one lying around for inspiration?

    And I also re-read The Great Gatsby this year, with such a different perspective than the first time.

  2. I live in the same neighborhood as the Hovey sisters, and seeing my haunts through Porter's lens is so special- makes me feel like we are living in a beautiful diorama.

  3. Oh! I'm just so glad to have been included in such a great bunch!!

  4. FAN-tas-TIC post ~ love the juxtaposition of images and words! I am a huge Porter Hovey fan!!!

  5. to jez,janet and pamela- PH is a marvel. I am impressed with her eye beyond- I am so glad she added it to the summer reading list.



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