14 July 2009

what does a Home mean to you?

The start of a new project in the fall has already begun for others-My clients have donated a wonderful home to this group (here) BUILDER"S OF HOPE.

Their 1940ish colonial will go to the Builder's of Hope State Street Village. The new house will be built on their existing lot.

I know what a home means to me, to my clients...

This is what it means to others.



  1. Is there a better way to spend ones money? I think not.

  2. HOBAC- thank you, this is just what working with my client will be like, a wonderful series of ideas and collaboration. Isn't this a great program? I am so impressed with a simple idea-that resounds for so many.gaye

  3. HOBAC's words and deeds perfume the day. What splendidness (don't care if is not a word, sounds yummy) this man has cast out into the world. (Pigtown, now you).

    My husband calls my house my laboratory! But he means that as a crucible of creativity. Which goes back to: if you can't screw up in your own house, where can you now? It is sanctuary. It is a daily reminder to be grateful! It is also, right now, a place where I need to go cook dinner!

  4. I agree with you all- for me home is the gathering place for the people you love- without them a home is just a house. g



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