28 August 2009

Andre, Uggs, and Home

"I like the idea of being warm and secure. That’s what home should be.
That you have a sense of warmth, security, love,
and you love the things around you and surround yourself with beauty.

ALT also confesses to a love for & the wearing of Ugg boots

read the whole charming interview with ALT here " THE HOT SEAT" by Erin Wylie


  1. I read a lot of men's pieces that beleive he is one of the best dressed swells on the planet, though I think he might be creative and willing, I am not sure about this altogether.

    Now, about the Uggs... practically speaking, ina horse stable at ten below all winter, there is no better friend. If only the would make me a riding boot too... but I do not wear them outside my pants any longer - you know, not since 2005 in LA, where I totally did :)

    good weekend, la!

  2. Pamela, why yes I believe it is!
    Blushing- I agree! ALT hails from Durham about 30miles from Rborough- and has roots here thru his father. + I absolutely loved his ALT autob.
    If you haven't read it- I really think you would love it, His grandmother was a lady in all senses of the word, with special emphasis on gloves. Uggs are good, here in my little corner anything goes, a philosophy I do not completely adhere to. The knit ones I bought, were I believe my 7 or 8 pair-clogs,scuffs, boots and all.
    Good weekend to you Blushing.GT

  3. Sorry folks, I am just not buying ALT as a fashion plate, an authority on style or an author. Was there ever an odder conceit, than that of making parallels between his grandmother and Mrs Vreeland? What might have been a charming and candid autobiography was weakened by his persistent analogy connected these two entirely disparate women.
    As for his ensemble in this photograph, words cannot describe my gut reaction.

  4. He once told a story of being admonished by Diana Vreeland for failing to shine the soles of his shoes. What would she think of him in Uggs!.

  5. Toby- I do hope you are feeling more the thing. Sorry ALT's look got you.
    I find him under fashion eccentrics Isabella Blow Anna Piaggi, DV. He will stand out and wants to in a crowd.G

  6. Cookbook, hello and I love your blog! thank you for helping me find it. I don't know, I wonder too!



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