01 September 2009

Lady Gertrude Do! Do! Do!

Famed femme fatale, star of the London stage and musical theatre, lifetime friend of Noel Coward-

(applause, applause)

Gertrude Lawrence!

Her drawing room at Portland Place was decorated by Ronald Fleming. This-in the day of Syrie Maugham's all white drawing room- Lawrence opted for panache.

The stage set chic room sparkled with a mirrored wall along the bookcase and mantle. Comfortable upholstered club chairs covered in satin with small bullion fringes along the hems, a low slung rather glamorous sofa in a decidedly reptilian pattern, and a fireside bench with deep contrasting bullion fringe-Enter Noel Coward. Curtain up. A Stylish little Vogue Regency drum table probably held lighters, drinks as the white likely lacquered grand piano swayed while played by Noel Coward and Gertie sang.

I wonder what color that Satin was? Champagne- my guess.

A gorgeous photograph of the Lady GERTRUDE, Satin? Magnolia-my guess

Definitely a Satin Bed-Nude- my guess.

Cecil Beaton photographed the actress in bed swathed in chiffon, fur and satin in Vanity Fair 1934's-Celebrities in Bed.
Yes dog lovers that is a dawlin' Yorkie in bed with Gertie.

What color is your Satin? silk satin rather? I know it might not be the thing these days, But baby it undeniably was back then.

Lawrence's drawing room foto from Style Traditions, by Stephen Calloway & Stephen Jones


  1. I do wear satin pajamas on occasion. Black satin.

    And didn't Gertie have a lovely face. I don't think I ever realized.

  2. Still beautiful, all this days down the line.

  3. I like neutral colored satin, for my wedding dress it was the pale color of champange.

  4. I do love satin. It still works. CC

  5. Darling Girl,
    Satin was quite the thing in my day. It evokes those moonlight and magnolia days and I for one still love satin, but it must be of the highest quality or otherwise it falls flat. BCT

  6. Champagne would be my guess as well. Or an off white ensemble with a beaded bed jacket for photo ops.

    And a strong vote on the moonlight and magnolias -- you can literally smell them.

  7. "Style Traditions" by Calloway? Well, that is an introduction I thank you for.

    I was thinking the drawing room upholstery may have quite possibly been done in a green chartreuse set against a dark green carpet.

  8. Ohhh! I like that & somewhat like the AAl's post today Chic 1932. Are you thinking or do you know? I bet you are right. Yes the Calloway book a 1990 , I was merely a young chartreuse decorator them-well, much younger anyway. la

  9. I very much enjoyed the photos, the music, the information...



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