01 September 2009

Gertrude Reprise

Gertrude Lawrence
Private Lives

"Her manner and charm were such that
by the time anyone found out she was not a Beauty,
it was too late, they were bewitched."
-Madge Garland

Gertrude Lawrence originated the role of Amanda Prynne
opposite Noël Coward in'Private Lives' both in London and New York.

GL in White Satin Molyneux from Vanity Fair Conde Nast (here)
photograph by George Hoyningen-Huené


from Private Lives

scene from Private Lives
photograph from AAL here

Molyneux in Vogue

Private Lives

Lee Creelman pen and ink illustration from the February 1, 1932, Vogue

Daywear looks of long jackets and midi skirts Edward Molyneux.

from Conde Nast

Model Smokers

The bare backless dress by Molyneux and V neck dress (figure seated)

Lee Creelman pen and ink illustration from the June 15, 1933,Vogue.

from Conde Nast

Read more about Molyneux from An Aesthete's Lament


  1. She is what my dear Aunty would call "a long drink of water". LOL

  2. Great images love that first quote - by the time they worked out she was not that beautiful it was too late! A true jolie laide. in this world of cosmetically enhanced people we need more of them!!

  3. Wasn't she glamourous? The quote from Madge Garland says it all.
    Gertie has too often been characterized as vain and
    scatterbrained even by those who loved her, yet in The Letters of Noel Coward she comes across (in her own correspondence with NC) as someone with surprising depths of understanding and compassion.
    Made my day to see her in your blog post this morning.

  4. G.another great post on a cool tall drink. she was a wonder it seems. AW

  5. the last age in which white satin looked chic - and did not invoke bridal or nightgowns. Beautiful!

  6. Jane, I love your blog and am now an official follower. GL was an it girl- and yes she epitomizes my Francis Bacon quote. Glad you came by and please come again.

  7. lady jicky, and anon.Cheers to a cool
    long drink! g

  8. TW, I have learned a good deal about GL. Gosh, I don't even know what prompted the little Gertie intrigue. It just pops up-these things. Well anyway, She was quite fascinating, and the relationship with NC was a soul mated thing of sorts- I don't believe the term exclusive to be the "Love of ones life." They just were. She was madly in love with Yul Brenner-who wouldn't be? She was The Star with top billing in the King and I (I bet she was superb) When she dropped dead- Brenner wept, She had seen to it that he would take the show on as The Star that he was to become and so...
    Glad to make anyone's day, esp. Yours. G



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