27 August 2009

Rick Owens- not for Muffy darling-

fashion designer Rick Owens is in the esteemed company of fashion designers with their own collections of furniture. new pieces for his collection are slated for unveiling on september 9th at Sebastian+Barquet's London location . Owens pieces will be available in limited editions.

don't expect any thing you can use at Muffy's house. Expect the unexpected- just like his fantastic edwardian tinged clothes.

Sebastian+Barquet New York


  1. Well, I do love Rick Owens. I simply can not imagine my Fall without one of his fabulous cardigans or drapey skirts. Despite this fact, I do not think I will be buying furniture by Rick Owens any time soon.I think it is often almost tragic when designer starts to create outside of his expertise. i rarely saw anything good to come out of it.
    P.S. Thank you for you great comment on my Blog. Well, I though that frosted hair on Vodiana was a great detail to make the editorial look more mysterious, more chic. I absolutely loved it! :-)))

  2. just read your fond farewell- happy travels and adventures! lA

  3. Oh I adore him! Every piece of clothing that I stupidly didn't buy when I liked it in the store and kicked myself for years later about has been Rick Owens. I love how his stuff makes you look like a very stylish crow or hip aviator or something. Not sure about antlers as back rests, but they look extraordinarily cool!



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