21 August 2009

when Tory met Billy & Matisse

Don't we all love Billy Baldwin? I do. What about Tory Burch? I know many of you do. Though I don't wear her clothes consistently like many of my stylish clients- Burch is a stylish woman and I do like the fact that she will step right out in another designer's creations in a heartbeat. Say Stella MaCartney? The clothes she designs feel a smidgen young for me- though I have picked up a couple of her tunics and a beaded jacket-But the clothes are good looking and the shoes are particularly- great shoes- and her accessories- I would have them all just like that!

What has always intrigued me is the lady's taste. It is good, even great.

Burch is now appearing in the new September Elle- showing off her jewelry, but more intriguing for me- is her Decor. Photograhed by Paul Costello and edited by Miranda Purves- the article,TORY DAYS, is in Elle's ELLELIVING segment of the magazine. It's an upbeat fast paced peak at the lady's entertaining style, her secret sources, even a recipe. I may try those Roquefort Grapes-very doable looking. The piece also contains the ubiquitous things she can't live without- better called here by Purves- List For Life: Burch's Basics. I like all her basics too.

But, the Decor. Her designer is Daniel Romualdez and a number of his Burch rooms have been seen just about everywhere- in Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People that shows off Burch’s 9,000 square foot Manhattan apartment. How could they have missed this room? Is it newly done up? And-How could she go wrong with Billy Baldwin's ARBRE de MATISSE, through Quadrille. She and Romualdez have used it extensively in a banquette area, on sofas, walls, and curtains.

I wonder where this glorious room will turn up next?
& it is Just Glorious Tory.

Arbre de Matisse shown on the front jacket of Billy Baldwin Decorates


  1. Have seen no pictures of this room and would love to a magazine purchase may be in order.

  2. dear anon- though it is not my habit to post mags of the current month on my blog- the great Habitually Chic blog has a quadrille post with the picture on it up right now- 8 24

  3. after reading the habitually chic post with AAL's comments and he does know- if found on Style Courts blog in 06 a similar discussion- quoting ANON"The Woodson Wallpaper pattern you mention was adapted from an Henri Matisse work, the one that hangs above the sofa on the book cover, actually. Its designer may have been Frederick Bradley, who worked for Woodson Wallpapers, the company that Taulbee founded in 1956 (he died in 1974). I believe it is reproduced by Hinson & Company in NYC" HOBAC added- now Quadrille and there the fabric is now licensed(?) PGT



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