20 August 2009

more, I never saw it coming

Yes, I had a dress just like this 2009 Emanuel Ungar0 jersey blouse. Jersey? does that mean polyester?
For the record it means in this case- 72% viscose, 28% "polyester". My dress was NOT Emanuel Ungaro and it was QIANA. (click QIANA to read the 1968 TIMES article)

SO, my dress was just so horribly identical- and oddly enough as all women do, I had a detailed discussion with my mother today-about dresses we wore-before this phantom appeared. It started happily enough, chatting about Laura Ashley smocks and dresses I loved and wore-a conversation prompted by An Aesthete's Lament and this post today.

Do you remember this dress? that dress? Women do have conversations about these things whether they will admit it in a public forum or not. I am here to say they do, & Yes I did.

Well, It will come as No Shock that I had erased this little number from my memory-I thought permanently. My memory was jogged when she said "It's the one you Had To Have."

"Oh, That One." me
"Where is it? Whatever happened to it? she
"No clue." me

It was something I preferred to obviously keep hidden. Now that it is thrust back to the fore, I have to open the doors, air out the cobwebs and admit I must have been slightly obsessed with Fallon Carrington at the time.

I will say- This blouse, unfortunately has a skirt that...

does this.
You decide. In Defense of my dress- it continued with the fuchsia and orange all round.

images from net-a-porter.


  1. Zowie - what a dress to turn heads!And to make your head spin when you think of Laura Ashley as it's competitor. Have you ever read "Love, Loss, and What I Wore" by Ilene Beckerman? It's an fun example of what we women should all do - review the clothes that have punctuated the important moments of our lives. Tell me, do you keep most of your clothes? Confess!

  2. style, I have read that book and love it. I know-I was crazy dressing! This dress was a cocktail number though- so anything goes or obviously went then!Funny many of the Ungaro things have this look this year. As is obvious- this one I did not save. Aren't we crazy about our clothes?I don't save them now- 10 years ago yes. My niece is now 26 and she gets some good stuff altered for her slender frame.She loves vintage-I gave her most recently-a tweed suit suit that was my grandmother's and a missoni thing she loves! It is more fun at this point to pass them on.

  3. I will see you your Qiana and raise you a Laura Ashley farmgirl number, complete with peeking petticoat.

  4. I certainly prefer the sound of yours over the Ungaro. His looks as if it's been 'designed by a committee'.. nothing holds together.

    I have often thought of producing a catalogue raisonné of my life's wardrobe. I can remember a dress I wore at 18 months. I need to jog the memory about a lot of it but the older I get the more I might be able to remember.

  5. Absolutely divine!

    Bravo! Way ahead of your time!!



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