02 September 2009

One Year Later in My Little Town

When I started this blog, I talked with a client about finding the topic, the subject- the right note. She wisely told me- It is yours. Say what is on your mind.

Political Blogs- I am sure they are out there. Gosh, Just like any topic you imagine and some you haven't- there are blogs and more blogs. This will not be one, but it for a moment a little visit back to a year ago and a look at what I did today.


Today I put up a little display in our public library- My HOPE is it will instill some pride and joy in a child's mind and heart.

A little glimpse at My Town-

photo by Ute Bowen( above and below)


NC Primary May 2008
we educated
we canvassed

We Cooked Out-July 2008

we ate
we laughed

Last Day to Early Vote- October 2008

we yelled
we laughed

Summer & Fall 2008

we organized
we met
(at the Miracles Barbershop)

A little glimpse at the Jazz Event our group pulled together for OBAMA last Fall-

October 2008
we sang
we danced

Last year I was campaigning for President Obama with a super motivated group of people who wanted to bring a positive message to a very small entrenched Southern town- the place I grew up and have returned to- Yes , by God, you can go Home.

As a friend said during the campaign last year- You are living in the place where CHANGE is needed. It is imperative. This road has not been, nor will it be easy here- in this little place.

November 2008
we canvassed
we worked

November 2008-after the Election
we celebrated
we educated

I HOPE things will be better. A lot of hard work has been done- and the work goes on. The group has stayed intact and is still working to improve the community-


  1. Bless you! this made me cry (happy, goofy tears).

  2. My husband and I were never so proud as that day in spring of 08 when we placed our Obama sign in our front garden! After eight depressing years, I get up every morning since November feeling so much better and so proud.

  3. Pamela- Me too- I had a few taken, I had a few people stop in to ask about where they could get them. Though Obama did Not win the county- his numbers were two times what Kerry's where here 8 years ago.SO we did make a difference, and it was crucial to Turning NC Blue- I will remember this as a perfect day. G

  4. Anon? who could you be- goofy tears are good! thanks, GT

  5. I sometimes worry from afar that all the good work will be upended. We Democrats abroad, here in Paris, shared and cared. I love your little town it looks so lovely. Thank you for offering some fresh hope.

  6. Almost the first thing I did when I moved to the UK was join the Democrats abroad. I was in London during some of the protests against Bush and it was not pretty.

    Recently, I posted some pictures of a place in Scotland and some commenter criticized me for supporting Scotland because they released the Lockerbie bomber. Shocking attitude to punish the countrymen for their government.

  7. M. Part of the time I was at my library watching some racists glare at me (my perhaps paranoia)but I dont think so, and having some adorable children saying-wow thats so cool or a woman showing be an Obama bracelet a student had made for her.Kids are so right in their thinking-sometimes it is a shame they have so few rights. G

  8. Ah, a fellow campaigner. I, too, put in long, long hours for Obama in a small town in northern California, working the phones, revising the lists, hosting the meetings.

    I applaud your efforts, particularly in the south. And you're right! Every effort makes a difference. When Kerry ran in 2004, I campaigned for him in northern Virginia. He did not win that year, but northern Virgina went Blue for Obama in this last election. Miracles do happen.

  9. EA, Good for us. I am still amazed that the goal was reached. I hope good things will come for the young- some people are just to Old to Change. Time and mortality will eliminate them. I know that sounds harsh-but...G

  10. Did you give us the name of your little home town--or did I miss it somewhere? This city kid's roots go back to a little home town in North Carolina also.

  11. Anonymous- What is your little hometown in NC?



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