11 September 2009

Yves in a moment

Much has been written about YSL and his World recently.

Sometimes a picture-captures a moment: A homeowner's simple pride of ownership. In this case, A Young YVES, in the midst of construction, wearing jeans and sweatshirt-still looking elegant. Surrounded by construction dust with his quick "sketch" drawn in a dust covered mirror of the stunning Monet inspired frescoes -to be-in his Salon.

Yves Saint Laurent , 1980
by Snowdon

"His words are few but always carefully chosen.
He expresses the inexpressible.
Everything He touches, He transforms into a whole world.
This is the gift of artistic genius."

Pierre Passebon
Jacques Grange Interiors author

photograph from Snowdon Sittings 1979-1983

quote from French Interiors The Art of Elegance, Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery


  1. What a wonderful photograph. So much inside it.

  2. Wow what a cool photo and quote. Kind of sweet.

  3. This is an absolute favorite photo of mine. Glad you appreciate it.G

  4. This is a beautiful amazing moment. He was such a creative genius.



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