09 September 2009

Design Alchemy

"I'm not interested in decorating with the best new fabric,
I want to create the perfume of something."
Jacques Grange

photograph from T&C,by Francois-Marie Banier,1968

anxiously awaitng my copy of the new book Jacques Grange Interiors, written by Grange's companion Pierre Passebon.


  1. Lovely quotation, and I know just what he means. Although, I do adore those "best fabrics"!

  2. Jacques Grange Interiors is on my wish list. Please do let me know if you like it. I just adore his interiors since I saw it in Paris Interiors book. Furthermore, the man is devastatingly handsome!!! Good taste, good decor & good looks - what can one ask for more?

  3. Luckily the best fabrics work often! and JG is so wonderful-

    SUPER D. I adore this picture of him, devastatingly SO True. He was and still is a knockout interior and looks wise- fortunately I have aged along with Jacques. I am excited about the fact that his partner has authored the book & that you have stopped in too.

  4. I am waiting for this book too. He is definitely the one to emulate. KK

  5. Happy to find JG in my post today! Can't wait to delve in.



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