14 October 2009

Crazy thanks to Sanity Fair

How lovely to get a Kreativ Blogger Award from Sanity Fair. Many thanks! Of course being a Scorpio- they are the natural detectives of the Astrological World- I need to know. It isn't that feminine curiosity- like who are you wearing? But more likely- why are we culturally obsessed with labels?

I investigated Kreativ Bloggers & their Award. How do Kreativ Bloggers behave? What I discovered is that some-don't actually do what is asked. I can understand-but I was surprised. Not following through with the conditions is somewhat unGracious especially if accepting. It is like that awful deadly silence when someone opens a present Not to their liking & it shows all over her face. I say just grin & bear it.

The conditions are quite simple really- tell 7 things about me that readers might not know & nominate 7 other bloggers for the award. My 7 Picks are Fabulous.

ME - 7 things you may not know


I am not a bull shitter.


cupid, concord & clio
I love to make use of something I have just learned. I was sitting with a fellow designer & Scorpio this afternoon and found out this is the case (Scorpios are natural detectives).
How did I NOT know that?

SB replied Well dear I am 25 years older than You and I know more-
Yes in some cases that is true. I defer to SB-that is- when it concerns all things of the Astrological World. Knowledge is Power-& I want to Know.


photograph of cz guest
3- I have ruined my back over the last 25 years doing this-
Sadly- Not looking this elegant.


Mary Poppins is a personal Heroine and Style Icon of Mine.


Madame Yevonde photograph
I am an eccentric-I know this because at the age of 17 -I was defined as such-
Yes-actually called out with the Webster's definition. I did know what it was-
I did not- however want to be That at 17.
I grew into it- it took a while. College was a struggle-where more than there -
Do you find yourself, or lose yourself?
In my case it was a bit of both.


I love cookbooks. I collect them even. I've inherited them. I use them constantly. I read them-sometimes aloud to trapped friends. I love the photography, I love the poetry, I love the ingredients, I love the organization- alas I don't do that much cooking. I go through stages- trying the cuisine of the South- Edna Lewis. I can completely Do Miss Lewis' things. That gingerbread recipe is knockout. (let me know if you want it) Right not I am going through a spanking new one The Country Cooking of France. The recipes are History- by Ann Willian, the photography by France Ruffenach- Art, to see excerpts go see (here).


the legendary Tallulah Bankhead

I love a power Nap. At some point-I think it was after I heard the late and brilliant Peter Jennings say He was too-I felt t it was OK to come out of the bedroom and declare it to the world. I LOVE A NAP.

My 7 Kreative Bloggers

(read it and weep Ladies-for joy or otherwise,
It's yours do with it what you will!)

take time to go see their blogs-just click on the blog titles and enjoy

& one more thing- I love a quote~

VW by Roger Fry

"Literature is strewn with the wreckage of men
who have minded beyond reason the opinions of others."

~Virginia Woolf

see MADAME YEVONDE here & with more about Madame Y at HOBAC here



  1. SO much fun - I love reading these things! Number one is pretty fantastic, I have to say :)
    Your cookbooks have poetry? I might be a trifle more inclined to cook if I could bank on being entertained at the same time.
    If you love Mary Poppins, you need umbrellas and parasols (J. Crew is having a great umbrella sale right now - cheetah print.)
    Looking forward to reading the blogs of the 7 new awardees!
    -Sanity Fair

  2. SF- My cookbooks read like poetry, Yours don't? Mary does have a dark side-and I'm not talking about the rain. Thanks again. Gaye

  3. I never know where you will lead me. I love the thoughts and Images with their serendipitous sense of adventure. You are the best.
    ThanX with a big X!

  4. So nice to read these 7 posts to learn to know you better! Today or tomorrow I try to post my 7 things to learn to know me better.
    And thank you so much for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I was so thrilled!!!


  5. You truly deserve this award. I love this posted images. Thanks for some little information about how to become a creative blogger.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. And there you are right in the middle of a fabulous layered puzzle. I was thinking about the wonderful name of your blog yesterday. Sometimes we see mostly one side, then glimpse another. I had put you down as a Cancer before the color game and searched July in vain. Then you come through with deep lilac, burnt umber. Now the 7 things. It's clearer now. I'm a Scorpio (ascendant) detective too -hadn't heard it said that way before!
    Loved this post and the first great oozy picture brings home a most important point!
    Thanks so much for naming me too. I'm very surprised and flattered since it comes from LA. Is this too long?

  8. so much fun to read about you :-)
    I also LOVE mary poppins and am a bit of an eccentric...lol - I think I've been growing into it myself over the past few years and admitting my foibles!

  9. Bravo to number 1! So much fun to learn more about you. I enjoy your blog because of, not in spite of, your eccentricity. I'd like to see dressed up as a cross between Jane Marple and Mary Poppins.Something about a great detective with a sumptious valiais. I think you handled this award with the way you are: with grace, more than a tablespoon of forthrightness, information and good humor.

    Also, I loved the seven tapped to reveal their sevens. They are all in my cluster of favorites, many I found through you.

    Have a lovely day in North Carolina.

  10. I definitely know one thing about you, la. You're the best picture editor in blogsville!

  11. Debra- You are so welcome-sometimes one doesn't know what to do with this sort of thing-but 7 beautiful blogs instantly came to mind and of course I will be waiting to find out more about you. la

  12. Greet-Your blog is like a blast of fresh air. la

  13. Long comments are the best-you actually read the post! I can't wait to read your 7 unknowns. Yes Scorpio-and Libra (doing something-ascending??) I definitely get split more down the middle.
    I do love your blog. It is somewhat, for me Birds of a feather-flock together in the best way. G

  14. AD- Mary is the best. I love her "practically perfect" sense of all things. If you haven't you should read the books. I read you post today and saw MP's picture on another blog there-Had to rush over and see what she was up to.G

  15. Home-many thanks, yes I believe in the first. Funny the cartoon is of a favourite bluestocking of mine- Elizabeth Montagu, I have a post lurking about. It that time I am sure the ladies were considered inflated(in all ways) I almost hated to use her so ruthlessly-but the caricature was dead on. Oh well-# * ruthless?

  16. I love Anne Willan. In her book, From My Chateau Kitchen, there is a photo of her cookbook shelves. She has one of the best private cookery libraries in the world.

    And Tallulah, one of Alabama's greatest exports!

    You can make a rainy day such a joy!

  17. Rose!!!!!(?) I love the CZ Guest picture-that she actually picked up chairs! She definitely seems the sort that with all that privilege-she rolled up her ?couture sleeves? to get the job done. I have worked in situations where other designers would not lift a finger-I always thought it was attitude-Maybe not.Youth. I never thought about my back then. And isn't Tallulah Bankhead a Southern Belle made of steel. Love her. G

  18. Lucinda, As you well know I love cookbooks-why I have to visit your sites everyday. Tallulah deserves a post of her own-did she do a cookery book! Rainy days make for good booking. G

  19. My back hurts too from lifting beautiful things but I get lifted by finding them. A great post and heartiest congrats, Homer.

  20. Homer,we do have to have balance in all things-thanks, G

  21. GT, love your 7 things. and G, thank you. I truly am honored coming from you...



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