17 October 2009


ah ha!

Aren't the twists and turns of this sphere what draws us always back?

...the comments, the often times enlightening ones, the fellow inhabitants that we respect and rely on to elevate the conversation. le style et la matiere is one of these. She added the French cover of the YSL Pierre Berge book to the mix in her post yesterday & it is arresting. Have a look at the cover here & here.

being the 1st published cover in France

The photographer IVAN TERESTCHENKO'S site features the French cover, published by ALBIN MICHEL here , along with the subsequent covers published in the UK by Thames & Hudson & the US by Vendome.

Terestchenko also comments on the covers at le style et la matiere here. Go read his comments & see mine as well. If you have already shared your thoughts on the two covers I featured in yesterday's post, I'd love to know what you think of this one. Does it change your mind? Are you on board with the French cover?

Comment on the 3rd cover (That being the 1st one published) with Me here & become a follower of the blog by signing up in the section just below My Profile information. This will make you eligible to win the book of your preference- alas not the French one-but if you are wise you will follow me over here & know what's in the wind. If you aren't following along there-You don't know what you are missing.



read the 1st post on little augury here. read the comments too- they are the best of all!

Notoriously shy, the designer and Bergé lived in luxury, surrounded by incomparable collections of furniture and art. From the serene interiors of their apartment on the Rue Babylone to the incandescent beauty of the Villa Majorelle in Marrakech, Bergé and Saint Laurent’s sensibilities come alive. Taken after Saint Laurent’s death in 2008, Ivan Terestchenko’s photographs capture these exquisite surroundings in full, showcasing nineteenth-century French décor, important paintings by modern and Romantic artists, and masterpieces of furniture, sculpture, and silver ranging from the Renaissance to the Art Deco era. Though the homes presented here are now empty, The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé is a testament to a rare union of passion, elegance, and supreme connoisseurship. (from Amazon)



  1. The UK cover shot could be any top flight house or apartment in France, the American cover shot is far more personal and characteristic of YLS and PB. But now that you've shown the French version, there is simply NO CONTEST. French cover wins, hands down.
    Now I suppose a really clever person might make a crisp photocopy of the French jacket and superimpose it upon the US or UK jacket and everything in the garden would be lovely.

  2. May I change my vote to #3? Leave it to the french! I think the sculpture hints at their AMAZING collection; That amazing colored background is simple but also has a beautiful texture -all the better to show off the work of art.

  3. Thanks for the links Gaye. Seems the French cover is closer to the American aesthetic than publishers suppose! TB has a good idea, but how frustrating to have to go so far.

  4. I saw the book first, with the french cover, by the way loved the book.

    But i like a lot the cover for the US, but i just love that diningroom :-)


  5. As a record from an insider, I took this shot FOR the cover right from the beginning, Pierre Bergé who was asked to choose between several other options, selected it instantly " this one of course" he said, so did Peter Saville who designed the cover and the book. By the way, there is also a german edition ( the prestigious Rolf Heyne Collection ) who chose to keep this picture but , unecessarily I think, darkened the red background.

  6. The French cover is stunning. It says artistic life with art. However, will it sell? Not sure.

    To Mr. Terestchenko: I think you are making a cosmic shift here by posting on interior design blogs. Without photographers, blogs would not be the same. I am rather new to blogging but from the beginning I thought that photographers were not getting the credit they deserved. In the last few months, I have seen that really begin to change. I think a conversation between the photographers, who are the magicians, with people who love their work, will be a wonderful, informative, mutually beneficial. Thank you for your time and insights.

  7. Home, well said- I could not agree more. G

  8. Thank You "Home" and all of you...
    Without the audience, where is the show ?
    The exchange IS the fun.

  9. Toby W. what a brilliant idea? I will be tracking that edition with the original cover! GT



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