19 October 2009



Ivan Terestchenko, the photographer from his website

from all the wonderful comments & opins- I would like to share the comment from the photographer of the book IVAN TERESTCHENKO. Find his blog with his fabulous photographs here
He had this to say:
As a record from an insider, I took this shot FOR the cover right from the beginning, Pierre Bergé who was asked to choose between several other options, selected it instantly " this one of course" he said, so did Peter Saville who designed the cover and the book. By the way, there is also a German edition ( the prestigious Rolf Heyne Collection ) who chose to keep this picture but , unnecessarily I think, darkened the red background.

and so ends the lively discussion-whether this is your favoured cover-or one of the other versions. The intent of the artist always -for me-supersedes public opinion.This cover seems to capture the passion of a collection of two complex aesthetes.

There is an audience that each publisher wishes to attract. What does each publisher's buyer look like?
In France-sophisticated aesthete? Fortunately the French cover will be released in English for You Dear Aesthetes.

In the UK- edited aesthete?

In the US- opulent aesthete?

Just a guess-No one should miss the extraordinary book about an extraordinary collection of extraordinary men. The photographs are extraordinary too.

Win a copy of the UK version or the US version your preference- Tell me what of the 3 covers you prefer to have in your library. Just add your name to the list of my FOLLOWERS & leave a COMMENT.

the TERESTCHENKO website here. his Editorial COVERS his BOOKS his PORTRAITS



  1. Talking of which has you seen that part II of the circus is moving into town:


  2. I put his site on my blog roll a while ago - he's good.

  3. The Private World will be the one which I would like to have. Why? I have to say that the cover is an eye-catcher to me!

    But of course all the books will be beautiful!

  4. Can I have all three? Thanks for collecting all the options here - they're all gorgeous. I didn't realize how different covers were used in different countries until I lived in the British Isles - I bought so many books and later saw the same ones on U.S. shelves - looking completely different! I have to say, I usually favored the UK over the U.S. versions. The UK ones tended to be less commercial looking. There are some books that even end up with different endings - and movies too. The British Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly did not end with that idiotic scene of the American version - with Darcy and Elizabeth KNEELING ON A TABLE overlooking the lake. The producers thought that Americans wanted a more "obvious" happy ending. But what the servants at Pemberly thought, we'll never know.

  5. I wonder what the covers of other books look like and if they have different covers -like say the Michael Smith books...or Tony Duquette -or other 'big name' books published recently.
    I still prefer the french version - german and darker? thats so......german of them!

  6. Off the List-thank you for the link. Blue-yes, me too.
    Greet, Sanity- I am going to get all three!
    AD- I do wonder too. Vive la France!
    I recently purchased some OWilde mystery books 3in the series, Well It is actually 2-the Title was change in the States. Hum? By the Way-I highly recommend them if you are a Wilde fan. G

  7. The french cover is illustrated with a picture taken in Yves Saint Laurent's home rue de Babylone in Paris, the english and american covers display rooms from the home of Pierre Bergé. A book on the interiors of Pierre Bergé would certainly be very interesting but would we care so much ?

  8. Ivan- how interesting, that the first was the only of YSL. It is surely HE who is driving the purchase of the book especially in the US. The 2 selected covers speak to the behind the scenes genius of PB. I would love to see that book-I have torn pages from here and there with rooms attributed to him. Gaye

  9. This is so interesting! Still chuckling at the French "sophisticated aesthete." Although, I think that that cover makes it look more like a catalog for an auction house, very very focused on the collection.

    Maybe I'm alone in this, but I'm seriously drawn to the US edition cover. I think it must be that fantastic turquoise wall with a graphic checkered floor! Opulent aesthete all the way, hahaha.




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