09 October 2009

Gucci Chew


Gucci Chew
a tail of shoe woe

with Little known of dogs living in houses-
as I grew up they were housed
in dog houses.
Moses came my way-
not by bull rush,
but from a life unknown
that He wasn't spilling.

Your little inched tail fits well-around the porcelain
I suppose that you do Too-you Staffordshire Bull,
You do.

There is something undeniably compelling about Us 2
we'll have to adjust to things about which you
Must know-
You Must Not

I never dreamt there would be such losses-
little bits
but big bites,
a sweet little chair leg
a Bit of mohair- now less hair-there.

What got chewed- alas, was a shock none the less.
One pale pink Gucci shoe- Now a chew.
That "G" got chewed ragged, its mate spared somehow-
The bull didn't care.

Oh Moses!
Did you have to ?
Just 1 shoe chewed?
what did that shoe ever do
to You?

Did it have to be the newest of my new shoes
you took as your chew?
What do I do with just 1 good shoe-
Un chewed?

Both shoes were tossed in a basket
Could they be worn at dusk ?
in a crowd?
in a hurry?

Maybe on dog walks-
just us 2.
Tugging along both
victim and thief.
Guilty of dog Love
that would be

Moses- dog gone October 9, 2008.

this delightful photograph "slipper thief" by Susan Mac.



  1. We lost our Little Japanese Shiba-Inu a year ago, she was 16, and our cat passed the beginning of the summer. The cat destroyed our sofa and anything else I cared about by way of home furnishings. I miss them both.

  2. I got so teary-eyed I forgot to mention how much I loved the Poem.

  3. awww. thanks so much. He was my baby-big-but still my baby.

  4. Oh Gaye, that was wonderful. Poor naughty Moses. Poor shoe. Poor you.

  5. Sorry for all of your losses here. That Moses sure knew how to live a soul-full life. Sounds like he had Oscar Wilde's basic need for the simply the very best!

  6. Rose-Moses in his 15 years (he was a rescue)was just what I wanted to be as a human being-Now I have Zetta and she is everything I am-willful, petulant, You get the picture.Hope you are well!(!!!!) GT

  7. GT, I love that poem. I love how much love you have for Moses. Important little souls never leave our lives even though they leave this earth.

  8. Its a wonderful poem, and I'm sorry Moses isn't there to play with Zetta. Peace to his soul, and perhaps Zetta could have the other shoe. Intelligent dogs know the best shoes taste better, I think.

  9. OH how very sad. I am terribly sorry for your loss, such a sweet soul I can see from the picture. I am honored by your use of my photo of the "Slipper Thief" as well. Thank you, and blessings to you during this time. :)

  10. Home- Moses was simply the best.

    Soodie-thanks so much-I know from your posts you can relate.

    Balsam-Moses could have taught zet a thing or two. she is a dear-my gypsy dog.

  11. SMac-I do love this photograph of yours amongst others. thank you for its use and for stopping in.

  12. to add- Moses was a model for all dogs-it was just the first few months that was an adjustment for us both.He never disappointed me in understanding. G

  13. Gaye, I too am sorry for your loss. Beautiful post.

  14. Oh, no. Oh, dear. I am so so sorry. The worst of all things that has befallen man is certainly that our best friend lives so short a time beside us.

    So sorry, Gaye, really.

  15. Loved it. It's funny how much they put us through like little kids and in the end, all we see is how cute it was when they chewed on everything. How they look at us when they know.....what they have done but. I can never get myself to even bother to get mad or upset when I see a belt, shoe, or even a pair of my underwear mangeled! I shrug it off and laugh. I'm still lucky to have my baby boy with me, laying with me curled up ina ball on the bed. Loved the poem.

  16. so so nice to hear from everyone. Moses was a love, missed & remembered. thanks, G

  17. Teddy and the other girl kitties send their love.

  18. Moses sounds a dear. I know you miss him. I hope Zetta is a comfort. It sounds like she is in the least interesting. I wish more dogs had personality. AW

  19. a wonderful poem by a wonderful master for a wonderful companion. KCT



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