10 October 2009

a Green thumb with envy going GREEN.

on this episode our heroine ponders

Is it possible to go green?

Be green with envy?

To have a green thumb?

would she?

on the face she tells us:

Nature gives you the face you have at 20;

it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50.

coco chanel

she says nothing about jade green Nails- would she at 50?
I ask.

Would I?
I ask.

thumbs up?
thumbs down?

apparently she would.

jade lacquer from Chanel's Fall 2009 collection
released as a limited-edition offering in October.



  1. i'd love that bottle on my bathroom shelf. But I don't have the finger nails that deserve it.

  2. Chanel would do that with piles of her jade jewels. You can too. 50 is the time to indulge that wild idea or three, especially if you can say "it's Chanel." Always in good taste. It is a soft beautiful jade and if you have the hardware to sufficiently show it off as Rose C'est La Vie says and do not forget the jade jewels. AW

  3. As white as I am, I can only shudder at the thought of my appearance with green nails. I shall save my green for the garden.

  4. I always think I should love an expanded color palette for nails. Why do we have to stay in the pink-red spectrum when there is so much beautiful color out there? And yet ...

  5. Mamacita-I know-its the" and yet"-that bothers me. I am dubious about even being able to get it- though there are knock offs already-but it just wouldn't be the same-Ghastly I am certain-that in of itself should speak to me loud and clear. G

  6. I love jade, so I went to the Chanel counter a few weeks ago with the intent of buying this, only to be told that they won't be stocking it locally! So, off I went to Beauty Land to find a similar version. An hour (and 10 different shades of green fingers later) I had yet to find a color that didn't make my hands look they died. It's a difficult color to wear, for sure. My albino friend with a perfectly porcelain complexion wears it BEAUTIFULLY, very jealous.

    What scares me even more than this jade green nailpolish trend is the matte one. Matte nailpolish? Now THAT is unusual, although I'm curiously interested because I like matte finishes on, you know, walls... and furniture...



  7. Lauren-that settles it for me- locally does not even begin to apply here. Isn't interesting-I am sure the Chanel Jade is pretty unique-I don't know how they do it with color in their makeup lines. I have a new C.blush- tweed-in a pink and IT is Tweed-a little palette of art. G

  8. No she would not. No way!
    Sounds like I knew her? I wish I had........I have studied her practically all my life. No green nail polish!

    Just my opinion...........yours? LA?


  9. PB, I'm not so sure she wouldn't have! I could not do it-I think for me it is an age factor-though I have embraced the darker polishes-they also have a deep lavender-Very Tempting



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