11 October 2009


When asking for directions- Prepare to lose your way.
When consulting a map- Good Luck.
When consulting a friend about a map-You will find just what you are looking for!

photograph by Louise Dahl- Wolfe
Harper's Bazaar October 1951
Mary Jane Russell models DIOR alongside Turgot's Plan de Paris

I will say one thing about the blog world- I have learned LOTS. This is why it is slightly addicting- Slightly?, and you know- if a writer of one-posting with any regularity -of what I speak. After dipping a toe in here and there for a year-stealthily popping in on a two special favourites, I jumped in the ice cold waters of little augury, writing my own posts and becoming a loyal reader of many others. The sphere is covered with them-a MAP is needed. No? Well- if you already have yours- fine. As long as you know the way.

It is much like a boulevard in the great cities- shop after shop-Lure after allure, but when you have a taste for Nougat- you only visit Arnaud Souberyan. Nougat you ask? Yes, addicting, and I somehow feel very of the age when dining and everything surrounding it was Art. The oldest maker of Nougat since 1837-originally situated at 152 Grand Rue, just meander through the Arnaud Souberyan site & you will find the original 1837 recipe, the establishment's location, the history, the-everything you always wanted to know about Nougat-well-Don't be afraid-Ask there.

& so it is with blogs. Some are a passing taste with me-I read and return and then- I don't. Some are Nougat-They are addicting. They are the BEST- they are of the moment's fancy and the timeless tastefulness of experience. You get what you pay for- and in this case it's free. How delicious!

Now back to maps- but it is all intertwined-as You will see.

I do Love maps-terrible at geographies but the lines on a map are of my own heart- Not a straight one on the parchment paper. Not ONE direct path to any hidden away destination that is truly interesting & maps are always full of mystery. Maps are never without a misprinting or three-a slightly misplaced longitude & Well- one never knows where one may end up. Here is where it gets good. For me- a special blog that always has the best of all bread crumbs leading you here and there & always returning you home is the one and only Pigtown* Design.

Perfect example- Around the first few horribly hot days of August- Meg of Pigtown (that's Baltimore to you) posted about something I have seen and wanted-(here) & wanted more than a time or tw0-it was No passing thing. It is the Michel-Etienne Turgot Map of Paris, circa 1739. The original map PLAN TURGOT measures about 8 feet wide x 10 feet high. The map Meg wrote about was a copy- 98" x 60"- and selling at Conran Shops in the U.K. Meg also gave us her original source for the news- a blog called The CORINTHIAN COLUMN. The Corinthian's July 31st post is (here). I immediately went dashing off to Bangkok-this is where the CORINTHIAN lives- No kidding. Other than reading the "Magna Carta" map post, I started sight seeing there and began finding my way to- paintings, antiques, really-all the best stuff imaginable. I immediately knew I would be revisiting Bangkok.

Before I could ask- Now where can I get this MAP?- Meg had updated the post with several other sources for purchasing the MAP.

Along with Meg's directions to the Paris Map, the comments left on the post were inspirations:

Diane Dorrans Saeks-of THE STYLE SALONISTE (here) added "occasionally I will meet French designers or historians or antique dealers who will proudly claim 'this building was on the PLAN TURGOT...which can be helpful for locating specific buildings that were actually there in 18th C." (the SS)
Now here again- THE Saloniste is another of my favourite places. The Saloniste is in San Francisco & in Paris. I love it when she is there and takes us on one of her larks (here) or introduces us to a new design sensation (here) . I have returned to the Saeks Salon countless times to read about Jean- Louis Denoit again & again. I have this spot permanently marked on my map.

Diane in Paris. Her PARIS ADDRESS BOOK is here.

Note: As a reader of my posts, any post-Always read the comments. This is where the MAP many times begins to meander right to your heart's desire.

Around the first few days of September- Meg got her map! (here). I got mine too-actually- I got two- As I often do, One to keep. One to use on a project. I was emailing Meg on occasion at this point about the Map, along with other things- Meg knows about things. Meg graciously and skillfully- I might add- offered to do something very technical with the map for her readers-this technical part- I can not explain & you do not want me to. In this post "Turgot Plan de Paris (1734) ," we hear back from Meg's original source MAP Maker, the CORINTHIAN COLUMN, saying:

Meg - just back from the copy shop and they are printing six sections together from your first file sent to me, (the black & white), and I'm going to use it as a window covering in the guest loo - which is black and white. There was quite a lot of fiddling to do, as they don't match exactly, and when printed up to my size, (enlarged) they may lose their precision, but it might have an unexpected modern art effect, and I like the juxtaposition of the C18th map made into something more modern. It will be ready on Monday, and I will post about it, with a reference to you/your post. I hope my endeavours are not a disaster!! (the CC)

Here are the results in his post " A River Runs through It" dated September 21st-

Tour de force.
Paris in Bangkok, of course with detours along the way, which makes it all the more worth the travel,
the Victoria and Albert & to an auction.

...meanwhile back in Baltimore. Meg is having cocktails & as one often does after one, I believe she said two-she happens upon MOUNTING THE MAP. Meg is tireless, fearless and quite successful with the map mounting.
Brave too.

Voila! Paris in Baltimore. Meg also dropped me off in Herefordshire at the Kilpeck Church here. I fell in love at this church. I went twice to the Hampton Mansion near Baltimore here & here, & so many other places. If you've missed many -you can go back -bread crumbs, but if it just seems too much ground to cover- Start traveling along with Meg starting now. She will never guide you wrong.

Meg got wonderful Kudos! from her readers. Do read all the comments on her post & get an update from the CORINTHIAN.

My map, alas-Looks like this.

Still in a bundle.

But I hope at some point in the road- it will appear as a screen like this one by Jansen, ca. 1950 in the home of Phillips Hathaway. Isn't it wonderful? My little Tudor is threatening to crumble under all things hanging about the walls now-but I somehow feel I have an old house left in me somewhere- so it will travel with me there someday.

photo from katiedid here
(September HG 2006)

& why not stop along the way-

the Man behind the MAP from BibliOdyssey:

"Mayor Michel-Etienne Turgot (Prevot des Marchands de Paris) commissioned Louis Bretez to prepare a map of Paris in 1734. Five years later, twenty engraved sheets (by Claude Lucas) were delivered that measured eight by ten feet when assembled. This is a superb map with incredible detail and the bird's eye view style seems all the more remarkable for having been produced some fifty years prior to the first balloon flight." (B)

& A first edition available (here)

...to be continued, with detours, But did you doubt that for a minute?

UPDATE (10.12.2009-2 PM)- another TURGOT MAP spotted today at the BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS, each element is framed (here).
UPDATE II (10.12.2009- 10:50 PM- TURGOT MAP SITING-by who else MEG of Pigtown*Design at Pat's Addition, "Plan de Paris Vestibule Chez Moi" a very professional job -I might add (here).
UPDATE III (10.13.2009) after a comment about Rome maps- Joni from Texas shows us ROME. another detour that takes us to Cote de Texas (here)

Rome in Texas, Cote de Texas-that is.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful post!
    What an idea to integrate that map in the grey-black wall! It is so gorgeous! I would never had thought about that!!!

    And I agree with you about the story Nougat and blogs!


  2. Love to follow your meanders and bread crumbs. I had a corridor filled with Turgo and other period maps (reproductions) once and I really understand your analogy and graphic enthousiasm. You're a trip!I'm posting a pic of similar screen from the 50s sans doute by the same maker.)

  3. Thank you for this lovely reflective post. On beautiful Maps and plans, on getting lost with detours, and getting found.

  4. Thank you so much! I love meandering and taking detours. What you find is often worth the journey!


  5. The Jansen screen is a perfect way to go with your map. I also see it with the ticking slipcovers from your other post. Where is this house shaping up? I am definitely meandering about with Pigtown in the future.

  6. I'm trying to break it gently to Mrs. E. that she has a map to hang... After printing of course. I think it will be a part of the Christmas extravaganza... P-D did a nice thing there!

    Fun post.

  7. Greet- the Corinthian Column's map application is inspired! It will surely be copied around. GT

  8. le style- I am loving your screen posts- this Jansen one is pretty wonderful G

  9. Debra & Meg- You both have wonderful bread crumbs. So happy to be in your midst. G

  10. Anon- the house right now is in my head- that is where my last two started-so I am busily putting it together! I do find the Jansen screen to be quite perfect. I am always intrigued by the direct wall application too. G

  11. EEL, Meg is the tops! I hope you will follow suit and post your results. I would suggest plying Mrs E. with wine, take it from Meg! GT

  12. Awesome post - and it made me laugh! Wouldn't it be great to have a real blogger map? This is absurdly addicting. I had no idea I would get this "into it" when I started. But it's so much fun! It's a bit like an ongoing, online shopping/designing/partying bazaar with experts just ready to help you out.
    And the map is beautiful. I'd love to find a really exquisite map of Rome - it's a city that means a lot to me.

  13. Awesome post - and it made me laugh! Wouldn't it be great to have a real blogger map? This is absurdly addicting. I had no idea I would get this "into it" when I started. But it's so much fun! It's a bit like an ongoing, online shopping/designing/partying bazaar with experts just ready to help you out.
    And the map is beautiful. I'd love to find a really exquisite map of Rome - it's a city that means a lot to me.

  14. The blogosphere is a strange and wonderful place! I was reading Pigtown this morning, where Meg had written a post about your map post. And being a Pris map lover myself, I hopped over to see you. Where, lo and behold, I discovered my blog's name with a link in the post!(Thank you for that! I very much appreciate it!)But the amazing thing is that it was there, and the blog map brought me to you. :)

  15. Sanity Fair... Joni @ Cote de Texas has an old map of Rome. You should ask her where she got it.

  16. SF! Yes that would be great, I am hooked-but the knowledge part is addicting-that is a good thing. G

  17. Katie- I am so glad you stopped in-I love the map post you did. That picture is I think THE MAP TO HAVE application. The design world on the internet is so inspiring. I enjoyed the DDS interview she did with you- Great! GT

  18. to all-BLUE posted today on the MAP-as he said it is taking on a life of its own- just as these comments have! thanks everyone. I have linked The Blue Remembered Hills in today's post in an update.GT

  19. Thank you, thank you! Now I know what I'd like to cover one side of my screen with. The map is perfect and so is your astonishing post! I sometimes forget to read all of the great posts of Corinthian and Pigtown. Thanks for bringing them back again.

  20. Howdy Gaye. Timely post. So awesomely sweet of Meg/Pigtown to share this map bonanza with us. Almost ordered what you got the day I read her post, and then wasn't sure whether I should try for sepia instead. I can be incredibly slow at making decisions. Storm clouds are building out here in Northern California, been trying unsuccessfully to get good picture of my office. But my camera, and your post spoke to me: "put a map on that wall you idiot". It also mentioned something about all the electrical cords but that's another story. Merci beaucoup! Trish

  21. Liz, Trish-get thee to a map! Make haste! GT

  22. Wonderful post! Blogging is wonderful how it make connections with so many different people in so many different locations.

  23. Here's another blogger, whom I was lucky enough to meet last month, who has put up the Plan de Paris... on a curved wall, no less.

    Click HERE to see Pat's Addition.

  24. elizabeth-so true, You being one of them-hope you are still pondering paint colors. we must get busy. G

  25. Meg-You are amazing and so is Pat with the hanging of the Map! thanks so much for the next path. It's been such fun. G

  26. Hey there!! I enjoy your blog so much, and I wanted to pass along the Kreativ Blogger award to you!!!

    Here are the Rules for this award:

    1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
    2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
    3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
    4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
    5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
    6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
    7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated

    Check out my site for more info!

  27. Dear la. Thank you for the very kind words about my blog, in far and away Bangkok! Very much appreciated, as are your frequent visits and comments. Who would have thought that the map would be so inspirational. And what a fitting topic, considering the distances between us all!

    Strangely enough, as Bangkok has a rather large river running through IT, the map in my guest loo can sometimes be mistaken for the mighty Chao Phrya river, (the River of Kings), especially if like me, you need glasses to read these things clearly.

  28. Hi G...up early! Love the framed HG one also. No pressure...but can't wait to see what you'll do with yours! Trish

  29. LA can not wait to hear your 7 things. This has been a real trip! AW

  30. YES! I know exactly what you mean- the little tidbits inevitably piece themselves together, it's very exciting!

    Also, regarding the blog world, I've recently begun to see what you mean, plunging right in. It's frighteningly vast and so absolutely true about finding your way with a "map".

    Yours is a nougat of a blog, I keep returning for more.

  31. Thanks for the mention. I love the map more each day! It makes the wall.

  32. aw - sweet of you to include me in your wonderful post. I wasn't trying to pry my way into it, but I do feel honored!!! just was trying to say there was a pretty map of Rome too, not just Paris. haha!!!!

    thank you again- so much.

  33. TEX, the more the merrier! thank you for bringing Rome. I have a set (supposedly)that was given me by a decorator friend-I can not find it!


    Adore and love this.
    Thank you so much.
    It's such a nuanced and creative and intensely interesting post and I'm honored to be included in such illustrious company.
    I will let you know when Paris is on the blog again..
    cheers, www.thestylesaloniste.com

  35. Thank you for more lovely images showing this map. I am posting a few of your great finds to share with my readers!

    All the best,



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