11 October 2009

planning The Country House

the color- feu de bois

must have turning stair- window optional.

Though the color palette is not right for me- the inspiration is all right here-see the slide show from the New York Times "Farmhouse Palette." It is one of the most creative new interiors I've seen in some time. I am sold.

My favorite- the old ledger paper on the walls in the Bedroom. I am collecting as of this moment.

From a tony upcoming auction at Christie's I found these - a pair of Louis XV Style Grey-Painted Canapes. The blue & white stripe ticking slip covers caught my eye. I have a sofa and a chair covered in mohair that will look perfect done up like this.

& Wing Armchairs in the same. I have about a half dozen of this type thing on hand, around about. They are so comfortable. Really.

as they occur-more plans to come


1 comment:

  1. I saw the french sofas too, and I am crazy about the look. Keep that window. AW



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