21 November 2009

Patchwork IV Iris

who else?
Iris Arpel


  1. Is this the way I reply to you? Hardly seems appropriate since you get some replies from Portugal...They must have more of a direct line. However, here is my answer..I sure would like to own that long jacket . However did you find it?..or for that matter , how do you find these treasures that come to us via Augury? . But I would cut off five or more inches in the length of that jacket which, no doubt, would lessen the drama but , in a retirement home would make me make more acceptable .Otherwise the asides would be" who the H== does she think she is"..... but 6 inches less and they would say "only ..but "don't you think she is a bit of a show off" Still. for that jacket.,.I would risk it. love Dorothy

  2. OMG I love that last comment, totally real and sincere.

    Alright, I still have nightmares re patchwork after doing the novelty sweaters at Talbots. It was a long way from Donna and I has only heard those sweaters existed - no one could ever confirm or deny the rumors...!

    Anyway, this Iris, she is incredibly talented and a bit loopy all at once, I adore her.

  3. Wonderful! And like many fabrics, it's even better to see them in situ! Iris has such presence and personality that she shines through and the baroque clothes and accessories don't dominate!

  4. Love this! And Dorothy, from someone who just turned 60, if this jacket comes your way leave it the way it is and let those of lesser style and larger mouths be jealous. Which, of course, they are anyway. You go, girl!

  5. C. I will have to find you a patchwork 'something" after I wear you down!

  6. home, c., and all.Dorothy is my dear friend I shared her book selections this summer! She is a the best. G

  7. Beautiful, I do not know what I like most about this piece. The rich and varied colors of the fabric or the silver lace at the edges.

    Very inspiring!

  8. This is such an intricate patchwork. Again love your patchwork finds. We should all be falling in love with it.

  9. Liz, Pamela- I love the exuberance of the jacket-taking patchwork to a level of opulence that I love. I could go one. GT

    Anon- thanks, Yes the detail, artistry the work involved. One reason I find the patchwork fascinating is it is done by hand- if not it really doesnt qualify. GT



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