22 November 2009

Nicky Haslam, Nicky Haslam

The bespoke name on every design devotee's lips this month will be Nicky Haslam, Nicky Haslam, whether shouted to the rafters or whispered in hushed tones- talk will be all about REDEEMING FEATURES- Haslam's new lush and luscious book.


Just ask The Errant Aesthete, Rose C'est la Vie or An Aesthete's Lament. Read their  NH stories here  here and here & do read the comments too- wonderful!
New blog posts may go begging this week- and not just because of the holidays-but Nicky Haslam.

His first book on his design work is fantastic. His ongoing publication  in World of Interiors-one of his best friends is Minn Hogg,founding editor of the magazine- keeps me dog earring pages. I refer to this book always.

Nicky Haslam will be everywhere- so be prepared, but indeed- Enjoy.
In W, Haslam talks about his encounter with Sasha Baron Cohen.

"One of the most unpleasant men I've ever met in my life. He's called Sasha Baron Cohen. He was so horrible. I hated hime. Wretched mind, with dirty hair and dirty new clothes."

not being acquainted with SBC- I can not say for sure- But I think I agree 100% with Nicky Haslam.
Outrageous, irreverent and most often- always forgiven. A charmer  (NH that is)

Watch out for Haslam Overload
...but I thinking we will never get enough.
oh, and NH has a blog-check out the One Entry dated July 22, 2009 here

& a candle too-of course here.

 the Haslam interior that I refer to time and time again. And Again.
from the website NH site here


  1. I've always loved his work. And isn't he the starkissed fellow who gets to live in John Fowler's gothic cottage? The cottage of my dreams?

  2. I met him the other night at a book signing here in New York. Divinely-louche, indeed. Lotsa fun. Up close it was obvious he had a bit of trouble applying his make up, though...

  3. Regiie-how delightful, It happens-he must be fighting the dreaded far sightedness-it happens with makeup at 70-though I wouldn't know. thanks for adding to the mix. GT

  4. Cannot WAIT to read it and get the dish. Perfect holiday reading!

  5. I can hear Babs singing Nicky Haslam, Nicky Haslam. What fun!

  6. I bought the book today for my boyfriends mum. I used to work for Nicky and he is hilarious and generous and loves to share his knowledge of art and design with the young folks. Very special man. Unique.

  7. Ulla! I remember on a comment you made on an Aesthete's site about working for him. You must do a post about him- what a great point of view. I want to hear more. GT

  8. I wonder about the SB Cohen (my own last name, so I'm very partial)

    i wonder if he was in character when they met - ??? interesting to know. i mean in real life I don't think he is vulgar - just in character!!! I wonder which character it was? too delicious to ponder!!!

  9. I got my copy this weekend! Like you say, he's everywhere, so I yield to everyone else. But I'm just loving it!!!



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