30 December 2009

Ladies and Gentleman

I wrote "Though it matters Not a wit to me!I was sure you were a distinguished gentleman.I would be a little disappointed to have missed the mark so widely-Please confirm or deny-A man or A woman? Whichever you might be inclined to be & I will adjust accordingly!"
to which this eloquent reply came:
"A man yes, A gentleman~ I hope."
& this comment on Tuesday from a reader:
I sometimes do not know why someone out there seems to think you are a Man? It is posted that you are Female! Can you clarify?
to which I reply
"A woman yes, A lady~Lord knows my mother tried!"

& I add:
I don't think people always actually READ blogs- though I am glad they stop in to see the pictures. Perhaps they read my COMMENTS on other posts- which are cloaked in mystery!?
Perhaps it is the posted picture alongside my Profile-Some have queried it is- a man- in drag, I think not. Though It is not Me-there is nothing unattractive with the lady in question- No? Remember-Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder & some just are not as lovely as others. I rather like her looks. Whatever the case~
I remain
A lady~
I try.


  1. I am glad that now this nonsense is put to bed...although the photograph is very CECIL BEATONISH, is still appears to be a Woman...sometimes, people should not judge a book by its cover!

    My Mother always taught me to never ask a question that may hurt a person...this was certainly one of those thoughtless ones for yesteryears' trash bin of ignorance.

  2. Anon. Yes that is settled-til next time. Though the idea of cloaked in mystery is intriguing, and to me any subject-does carry a female or male point of view-whichever the case, I hope I can look at most things from a midpoint and as a designer, the Man in the design mix (husband) likely relies on Me to represent his ideas when He is not present at meetings. More about the idea of design and Male Clients is a topic to explore-lets! thank you for being such a white knight or otherwise-which ever the case may be!xxx

  3. A humble Soul in Vintage Couture wearing a Verdura Swan brooch...never a Knight in shining armour but always a Damsel in distress!


    A Swan

  4. I am a typical libra with that yin-yang thing going on. I was the one with the tools and when my son was younger he said he wanted to be a girl so he could use tools! As I have aged I think what really matters is chemistry, intelligence, creativity and a sense of humor. Gender is the least of the mix, except to keep people from addressing each other as "hey, you!"

  5. Haha - thank you for the clarification, my dear. Someone seriously thought you were a man? Like you, I don't understand where that comes from as you're not veiled behind anonymity as some bloggers are.
    I can see the reason for confusion with the photograph - it's either a very 'handsome' woman or as anon pointed out, a young man in drag. I would not be surprised by either.

  6. people simply do not stop to take the time to understand.

    pretty, pretty pictures and quick sound bites of info....

    i fear this trend will continue.

  7. I was at a dinner party last night and talk came round to blogs we follow. A very fashionable New Yorker mentioned Interior Design blogs...I said "littleaugury" and we both went on and on about how great your posts are to the other guests!! Have a very Happy New Year 2010!

  8. I can attest. I know the lady in question and indeed she is all that and more!

  9. dear Anon10:51, Bless you my Swan, a damsel in distress & well dressed!

  10. Home, I do agree, and though this will likely rile feathers-I like the way Men think, and prefer them exclusively in certain areas.

  11. Soodie-one does wonder what the year will bring!? I hope the best or at least better for all-as the blog world turns. GT

  12. Stefan, Yes and they have some of the best looking clothes around! I love a mystery don't you?

  13. Liz- I so appreciate your comment-You have been a wonderful support for Me and this adventure, Many thanks, and DV made her last appearance for 2009 on my post yesterday here, Read the great comments too.

  14. What an enchanting post, so clever and witty!

  15. Did I get you before you popped the cork?! Happy New Year dear LA! Best wishes for the most wonderful series of sublimes interrupted only occasionally by the ridiculous. (But those can be fun, too). Best wishes, Trish

  16. I do my best to read from top to bottom, appreciating photos when I come to them. I love lush pictures, but words even more. I rarely read the comments, though I've no doubt there is much wisdom there. I spend far too much time at the computer as it is. One must at some point stop dreaming and begin doing.



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