29 December 2009

Favourite Post TOPIC for 2009, more please.

My own personal favourite post topic for 2009 was?
- guess?

Diana Vreeland.

I made DV my post topic 5 times. (6 as of today)
Bloggers-please consider taking a look at DV her work, her life, her style often in 2010. A never ending source of inspiration and entertainment.


and my posting friends ?

the great Aesthete posted about DV 3 times here
Mrs B-3.  here
lovely Lisa of bloomsbury 2 here
an English Rose posted on DV 2 times here
gorgeous Ulla here
my dog ear pages here
lady Emily posted about DV just once here, 
and here too.
Judith in her studio posted about DV here

and my favourite DV here . this post  from Lisa of A Bloomsbury Life, combines everything I like best when I read a blog story and when I try to write something of interest.

did you dish about DV in 2009? I would love to know, please leave me a note and link if it's handy.

additions to DV-follow...
Stefan resident DC- AD  here
& Daniel of hh here
& I knew that LucindaV. had to have posted on DV,alas NO, and now I KNOW! today it's here

some interesting other sites -
Johnny Edward Heys DV here


  1. Thanks for including my little DV post in your compilation of those inspired by the EverInspiring Madame Vreeland.

    I'll never forget her advice .. .
    "First, one must arrange to be born in Paris."

    Alas, I received that memo too late -
    but, have done what I could to make up for my initial faux pas.


  2. I must say the best time I had with her was when I was given a special tour at the Met Costume and taken into the inner sanctum - the CLOSET and then the Holy of Holies, the boardroom...and there in the corner, lifesize was a papiermache looking life size Diana Vreeland, lacquered hair and all...and on the table was the mock set up of MODEL AS MUSE exhibit...so you see, SHE is still running the show, even from beyond!

  3. Ha, me too - love her. I did a brief post quoting her

  4. That is quite a round-up. I think she'd love the staying power.

  5. Stefan-up you go with all the other DV devotees! & yes she would! xo

  6. i love her! i did a brief one sharing the glory with marisa berenson:


  7. On another note...your post of Dec.10 on your friend who passed away was very touching. I too have a friend who is a Mentor in
    Style, and he has had the worst bout with Cancer, losing his tongue...he will be 78 but will still put all to shame with his touch. He is certainly quick with quip and quote, and yet, he is gentle to cats and flowers...He is a GEM.

    I saw you in the photos, smiling with your dear ones...keep on smiling.

    I sometimes do not know why someone out there seems to think you are a Man? It is posted that you are Female! Can you clarify!

  8. Daniel a little one certainly counts with the grande dame, thank you for joining Us. g.

  9. I esp. liked when you posted about books you liked. That moved me to realize how little I read these days. I did buy a Kindle thinking I would read more, but even then, it seems I chose cheesy biographies of celebrities who had died of cancer.

    Your list and others' lists were quite impressive.

  10. There is a fine sophistication to your blog that I adore and learning more of what you find interesting explains to a degree your brilliant sense of being. You take care.
    Warm regards,

  11. Anon- how lovely to reflect back on my story. We are lucky for these wonderful people to come into our lives. I have been blessed several times over. How could I be so lucky? It seems these forces-and they are continue to teach us more about life that design and style. You have inspired a post- I hope you like it.GT

  12. pink is the navy blue of india - one of my favorite quotes from dv -

  13. I was so sad you didn't mention my post on Diana Vreeland... then I realized I didn't post it!!

    My bad. I have rectified the situation because of your due diligence.

  14. I am So glad it was Your Bad- I looked for DV at LV and wept that you had not posted on the Divine one-It just did not seem right! Now I know and You are on board-just in the nick of time for 09! Gaye

  15. An Aesthete should thank you for your continued support.You have lived up to your hopes for a great dialogue with readers. I read your blog along with others you have referred to through the year and I am impressed by the way many dovetail but do not ever cross over to the point of duplication. I thought when Mrs. Blandings had her special work on rooms to remember in the future your own additions were excellent. I have traveled along with you from that point and been impressed by your observations. You bring something unique to the table. Do continue.

  16. Anon.on 12/.31thank you for the compliment. It is I who owe AAL for support. I have readers mention that site a path to mine. AAL is the bar-on that I think most readers of the BEST would agree. happiest of New Year.s

  17. Gaye, ever generous, thank you for referencing my own DV posts. Rosie x

  18. I would just like to take some time out Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

  19. I'm just a humble jewelry designer from NY who is trying to get used to all this stuff!

  20. I would just like to take time too Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.



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