28 December 2009

Margaret Russell a love letter

Margaret Russell's ELLE DECOR editor's page in the January 2010 issue is a love letter to bloggers and their readers of sorts.
Read the letter here at pointclickhome

Margaret Russell with TOP DESIGN cast of judges
Bravo season2
Ms. Russell reads blogs. Bloggers are "our treasured partners." She says she is "completely absorbed by design-blog postings regarding interiors magazines; the deep attachment people have for beloved publications is so heartening to see." She misses them too. (I for one wish she would immerse herself in the House and Garden archives)

She promises to pick up some of the now defunct Met Home's contemporary vibe. (Oh, please not too much-don't. Elle Decor already feels very modern and that is enough for me) What happens to Metropolitan Homes subscribers? read here

She also promises a stronger online presence for the magazine- "a new and improved elledecor.com" a great discussion on the topic is in the works at decorno here

all quotes from ELLE DECOR Jan 2010
the elledecor pointclickhome site here
elledecor blogs here


  1. I'm sure you read the article in the nytimes about the fashion bloggers. they are so ahead of the design bloggers, it's not funny. we need to pick it up a notch! when MRussell was on the skirted roundtable she was so positive about design bloggers. i think she really likes to read some of them. the whole subject is fascinating. it's all changing so fast that finally bloggers are getting noticed and respect.

  2. Joni- I will have to see that article and listen to the MR interview as well. by the way- my darling Zetta got a chewy vuitton bag and a manolo barknik shoe for Christmas. Christmas is a glorious time for giving loved ones their heart's desire! G

  3. I've been looking all over for this!




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