16 January 2010



of Merle Oberon, esteemed HOBAC (the House of Beauty and Culture) said She was exotic before exotic became de trop. Oberon was Anglo-Indian and whether living in India or England the mix was a black mark. Merle stopped her public studies as a child and learned at home because of the stigma. After getting encouragement to try movies-Merle and her Indian mother traveled to Paris and ultimately England where Alexander Korda took her career in hand. A past was invented, her mother lived as Merle's Indian maid and Tasmania, Australia became her place of birth. The story followed this Devastating Beauty her entire life-only upon her death did the truth come to light.

Married four times, Oberon's last husband was Robert Wolders, companion to another Beauty on the List- Audrey Hepburn.

for more about Merle Oberon read this article
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  1. Wow... absolutely gripping! Thanks for sharing this interesting albeit slightly tragic story.

  2. Scott,do read more about MO. Her story is more riveting than the little synopsis. They are revealing. Oberon like many women of her day, especially with her looks, used the only weapons available to her-Beauty, the devastating kind.

  3. Thanks for these details -
    an admirer



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