15 January 2010

Devastating Beauty VII: China

60's supermodel
Vreeland called her Golden Bones
China Machado* born Noelie, grew up in Buenos Aires and says ''Chinita is what they called any girl with slanting eyes." Turning the stinging words into a strength-she called herself CHINA when creating her professional name.READ her story here in the NY TIMES FINE CHINA story by Mitchell Owens.


China Machado was a house model for Givenchy, when Richard Avedon envisioned her in the pages of Harper's Bazaar. It seems when reminiscing in 2002 about her modelling days- it's mentioned that Avedon had called Her "the most beautiful woman in the world.'' belie Machado says 'Probably the most beautiful woman in the world,' is what Dick actually said.'' She rolls her eyes, laughing. ''Can you believe that? I certainly didn't. Not then, not now.''

*pronounced CHEE-na

READ her story here in the NY TIMES FINE CHINA article by Mitchell Owens.


  1. Thank you, Gaye, for the China Machado reminder.

    Here are pictures of China Machado over the years you and your readers might enjoy:

    W Magazine's 2010 China Machado feature with photographs is here:

    Legendary model and Avedon muse China Machado has still got it.

  2. thank you KO- some gorgeous photographs. PGT



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