20 January 2010

Devastating Beauty XV

 Marella Agnelli
photographed by Richard Avedon

of Marella Agnelli-Truman Capote said  
"One first thinks: My God, what a beauty she is and Him.*"

photograph by Clifford Coffin

Vogue profiled Roman society figures, including Mrs. Edward Behn and Donna Marella Caracciolo di Castegneto, both in Gabriellesport, in the March 1, 1949, issue (from style.com)

View of Agnelli's NYC apartment with portrait of young
Donna Maria Beatrice Olga Alberta Caracciolo (later de Meyer)

Recently on a post at the Aesthete's Lament, the Aesthete confirmed the link between these two Devastating Beauties. Both Beauties are descended from the Neapolitan Caracciolo family- exactly the connections-I can not say.

Jacques-Emile Blanche
Portrait Of Donna Olga Caracciolo Dei Duchi Di Castelluccio

Portrait of Baroness Olga de Meyer
photographed by her husband Baron de Meyer

* Capote refers Gianni Agnelli- MA's late husband


  1. Where did the image of the Agnelli's NYC apartment come from? Is this their apt. at 770 Park Ave? I didn't know it was ever published..

  2. SO beautiful. And if you haven't seen the photo of her grandson Lapo on The Sartorialist (today? yesterday?) you must. That family - from Olga de M to the Avvocato to Marella to Lapo - WOW.

  3. RubyH.The image is from the Sothebys
    catalog of the sale in 2004 of items in the apt.

  4. Not that I'm worshipping some species of foreign aristocracy, but I simply can't resist the Clifford Coffin photograph.

  5. Rosie that photograph is pretty smashing. I've had someone inquire about where it was taken-I have no clue.

  6. Beautiful portraits of these two beauties. Love this series you are doing. AW

  7. I am Olga's granddaughter. More info on the siet www.olgacaracciolodeicastellucci.blogspot.com

  8. Amazing research as always. A wealth of interesting info on Catherine Lambre's website link above thanks to Google Language Translator!



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