31 January 2010

I'm Blushing Go give Talitha some love

from the TALITHA LOVE blog-
just starting out-
she says:
"Never overestimate the good it does to support another, one never knows or understands the importance in which it matters in another's life. It can be HUGE!!"

& I agree.

lenor finis

RAISON d'ETRE.....  
  " I don't want to be reasonable -- there's plenty of time for that in the grave. 
                                   What I want is adventure,  innovation,  foolishness and discovery."                                                                  Mirabel Osler


  1. This is what I mean where oh where do you find these little delightful humorous works of art??? I think that they are beautiful..Were most done in an earlier century? who might be the artist .Do they go on and do other things? I have always loved Durer ( of a much earlier time) but sometimes he got whimsical too but this litle hen ?????would be?? 18th century? who? ....tell me ... thanks Dorothy

  2. I totally agree with Osler. The nearer I get, the more unreasonable I become - so relaxing!

  3. Love this Fini illustration -- she is one of my favorites; I did a post on her a short time ago!

  4. Lovely sentiments all. From Osler and her "gentle plea for chaos" to the truly magnificent Leonor, who I never tire of.

  5. Well, I have had so many warm wishes and kind sentiments from blog "friends" of yours who have contacted me to say a hello.
    I can only say, to you, a very, very humble thank you so.
    And, how wonderful and esoteric, the drawing by Leonor Finis, a favourite of mine.
    Now, how many people even know of her, and there you go and pick her! I think that is what I am best loving about this "world', ocnnecting to others who share the love of all this knowledge about peculiar artists, design, style, architecture, history.
    You, and a few others, Aesthete's Lament especially oh and Ms. S. at "Style Salonist", write aobut things I love and adore, and I am bowled over.
    My friends are not dumb, but their eyes glaze over should I bring up some of these subjects. Even the aspect of taking a history lesson about these things seems to bore them. I know people are busy, and perhaps, I have too much time on hand.....
    You 're lovely..... thank you again.... I hope a great friendship/blogship has begun!



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