31 January 2010

which magazine were you? & now?

HOUSE & GARDEN Louis Oliver Gropp (1980-1987)

 HG Anna Wintour (1987-1988)

HG HOUSE & GARDEN Nancy Novogrod (1988- 1993)

HOUSE & GARDEN Dominique Browning (1995-2007)

DOMINO (2005-2009)

& NOW?


or is there something else ?
& No great UK or French or International magazines count because everyone would be WORLD OF INTERIORS)


  1. I would always be House & Garden over WoI.

  2. Now I know I am not really eligible to say, - but blah, blah! - just to speak of covers - and they DO say a lot - I do so love the originality of Louis Oliver Gropp. Maybe they figure into the trends of their time but to me they often seemed to have more daring personality whereas the others are usually pleasant enough, but got almost interchangable. I have some of these oldies that are in a closet in Paris - can't get rid of them! Can you tell me who did the wonderful "Chat Today" illustration, Gaye? And just to rattle on some more, when interviewing for textile design jobs in the past, the favorite magazine has been an important question to speak of styles and markets!

  3. Sorry not to conform to your parameters..! I was only W o I until recently when I stopped my subscription.
    I no longer had room to store them and cannot possibly let go of them either. Having said that, I had to buy the latest issue to have a good laugh at Anouska Hempel's house.

  4. Hg in the garden without a doubt. Which usually leads to the HB shot of a wild home full of out of control flower petals.

  5. Loved House & Garden under Lou Gropp, HATED it under Anna Wintour (wrote a furious letter cancelling my subscription), thought it improved under Nancy Novograd and better still under Dominique Browning. Am stilled appalled that Cone Nast shut it down, particularly in light of maintaining AD as a going (albeit ossified) concern. If any magazine deserves to be killed it's that old nag. Domino was cute, for 20-something girls, no great personal loss for me. As for today's remaining ones (here in the US) I much prefer Elle Decor, love it really. House Beautiful, while improved somewhat since the others shuttered is still a shill for High Point and Grand Rapids, or so it seems to me. It's a merch-mag as far as I'm concerned. I will always worship at the altar to WOI, either until my dying day or its.

  6. Strictly foreign imports I'm afraid. Although I could have skipped the last issue or so, and they're getting rather thin, so I worry about them too.

  7. "Am" would be a stretch for me as I cobble things together here, but I would aspire to be HG under Gropp (then) and Elle Decor (now.) A wonderful question.

  8. I was a fan of H&G pre Gropp and through his reign, but not so much after. I have a stack of WOI, and somtimes I am seduced by the cover or contents. My only subscription is to Selvedge.


    P.S. Was H&G cancelled? Where have I been?

  9. I still can not give up Gropp's HG, still trying to add the missing issues. NN and Browning too. I miss it-I just can not see how CN could say it was irrelevant. I relate to these past more than any other, though Elle Decor is a staple, though the more modern edge does not appeal.

  10. Please explain what has happened to American decorating reviews! Can it be that blogs have taken their place? Blogs aren't as vibrant and plentiful in France as in the US - even if there are some great ones, don't get me wrong - and magazines are still around in abondance. What do you really think ?

  11. Nancy Novgorod's House & Garden, FOR SURE!!! I read that under Wintour, the mag was nicknamed (derisively) "House and Garment." Also, the cover of Anna Wintour's HG you have here looks so much like her beach house that was in WOI a year or two ago. I guess Anna's still really into the "simple chintz"?

    Now, I always pick up WOI (lovelovelove it), and I have an existing subscription to AD that needs to be terminated. I was EXTREMELY sad to see House & Garden bite the dust. I do NOT miss Domino, at all. I can take Elle Decor, or leave it. Same with House Beautiful- occasionally it turns up something interesting, but for the most part, they publish very ...sanitized... interiors, ad nauseum (and this, from a former intern, ack!). Lauren

  12. Le-the cover is the art work of Balthus' wife- Setsuko Ideta. (notice the homage a Balthus as the painting in the background?)

  13. Thanks La. No I hadn't noticed - I'll take another look. With our La and Le thing going here aren't we just definite articles? Genuine too!

  14. Reggie darling-I would tend to agree with you on mostly all!

    & Marjorie-Yes, gone, where have you been! haha, come often will try to keep you up on everything.xx.

  15. Le,according to people that know. the demise of mags here is advertising dollars-no advertising, no magazine, could it be that simple-yes it seems so mostly.

  16. I could not get into Domino, sorry. I do think it was-as are blogs somewhat generational? what say you?
    just got Veranda (how does it keep going? the cover is horrible-actually as to content it is fair to good, SO many better interesting things that could have gone on the cover! terrible choice. Stopped getting AD several years ago-put it out of its misery I say.

  17. I would be Nest magazine. Remember Nest? It was my Flair! I've included a link below:


    -Sachie P.

  18. LOVED House & Garden under Lou Gropp. Elegant, aware, stylish, far-reaching. Have saved every issue.

    HATED House & Garden under Wintour (no matter how brilliant she may be at Vogue, it was the oddest marriage that SI Newhouse ever performed. It was such a stupid magazine. Fingernails on a blackboard.

    LIKED House & Garden under Nancy Novrogod.

    DISLIKED House & Garden under Dominique Browning. Too precious. Still angry at Newhouse for giving up.

    LOVE World of Interiors, first discovered it in Palm Beach, where it was sold only at one newstand in the early 80's, used to do handstands to make sure I got a copy. Have kept complete run.

    INDIFFERENT to Domino until too late.

    LOVE Elle Decor. You rock, Margaret Russell. Have saved many issues.

    LOVED House Beautiful under Gropp and Successor. Saved some issues.

    HATE House Beautiful under current editor. Very nouveau, very beige, very soft focus. ugh.

    Now, what about British House & Garden? I'm many of those too, and think it's been really good lately.

  19. Michele from BostonFebruary 2, 2010 at 10:23 AM

    I was definitely a die hard H&G fan under Louis Oliver Gropp. Hands down. I could read it on the train on my way to work for an ENTIRE week. The text seduced you w/tales of the owners and their objects. When House & Garden became HG I was furious and canceled my subscription. I later came to deeply respect the editorial direction of Dominique Browning and REALLY miss my subscription. I couldn't believe they would axe H&G and keep the dreadful AD going as their "world brand" of decorating mags. Domino was sweet and appealed, I believe, to a young demographic. Elle Decor is now the cream at the top; a blend of sophistication, sumptuous photography, good but lean text and an all-encompassing world view. I have always loved HB, but I still don't like the Q&A format. Still miss Southern Accents like crazy. What will we all do if Elle Decor and House Beautiful fold? We'll all need counseling, for sure!

  20. I still have my Elle Decor subscription, but it is really hit or miss, depending on the month. World of Interiors sustains me.

  21. What has definitely ruined the quality of decoration Mags is when the marketing department started to interfere with the art director in order to seduce the mass.

    In my opinion, there was HG in the US, but not anymore, american mags are so damn safe, WOI with Min Hogg and still irreplaceable with Rupert Thomas, much later, Nest, and most importantly but never mentioned Decoration Internationale and Vogue Decoration under the guidance of Marie Paule Pellé, an outstanding editor who has revolutionized the image in decoration magazines worldwide.

    There is nothing worthwhile and its getting poorer by the day.



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