03 January 2010

little augury words: sycophant

A sycophant* will everything admire: 
Each verse, 
Each sentence, 
sets his soul on fire. 

 Yet there was none of the SYCOPHANT* or fawner in Billings;
ordinarily I do not wax enthusiastic about men, 
but this man Billings comes as close to my conception
of what a regular man should be as any I have ever met.
edgar rice burroughs

1530–40; < L sȳcophanta < Gk sȳkophántēs informer,
equiv. to sŷko(n) fig + phan- (s. of phaínein to show) + -tēs agentive suffix

toady, yes man, flunky, fawner, flatterer

*now Appearing in the little augury mail box

always-remarks about the author of little augury and her failings will be printed, however remarks about my readers and theirs are not.


  1. Touché - or well, I suppose! You're so fun and classy too.
    Mes hommages!

  2. It stings for sure, but I think it's best. Feel free to give me a shout if any arrow pierces the flesh; I'm covered in scars.

  3. L.A. -You are deliciously clever. I don't know if I'm witty enough to follow your blog, but I'm up for the challenge.

  4. thanks, I think!? It seems if I get enough readers I will be subject to and ready for the slings and arrows so to speak-But at this point-it just seems for some reason those commenting are the recipients-No fair, no go. I hope this is the right choice-it serves on purpose to insult la readers, I may drive them away at some point-God forbid!

  5. You'll not drive me away. One of the best blogs there is.

  6. Oh, boy. A shame it has to occur, but it HAS to occur. Civility is a tender, yet critical detail in this blog-world. We've not an extra feeling to spare in this era of 24 hour a day media onslaught, how on earth does one manage negativity for a bloggy reader who disagrees? Best that you gently remind, and if not, all-out save them the energy, than allow this lovely salon become an angry coffee-house of angst, bitterness, and mud-slinging. No, indeed. Well, done, my Friend.

    Honestly, Gaye, I run menu's which are a matter of historical fact without opinion's attached and get letters. Hardly controversial! HA!Every morning around three I lose some readers. I have to believe it is best all around and new ones will be found.

    One wildly sucessful blogger noted for me a few months ago, "I've had entire days ruined by something it took an asshole 10 seconds to type." That is the nature of the thing, unfortuntely.

    I adore you. And my fellow commenters here. Stay your course, I'm with you.

  7. Blushing that quote"I've had entire days ruined by something it took an asshole 10 seconds to type." is post worthy! Love it. xx!

  8. Blue-too kind, lest I seem toadylike. la

  9. Sycophant is good, but I hew more to the vulgar. Most ass-kissers miss the delicate stab of Greek. The arse- crawlers really don't get it, as they tend to be spelunking in places they shouldn't be. Bootlickers aren't always ass-kissers, and sometimes neither of those sets are sycophants, but I think the dedicated amateurs understand not to take offense when you're referring to professionals.

  10. My dear Gaye,

    You have NO failings but a tender heart and that is an asset to be reckoned with!! Pity the poor sod (or sodette) who leaves a callous remark because his skin is obviously so thick that he has forgotten what a gentle touch is...or a kind word...or a loving glance....and the only way he can feel anything is by sending words of malice across cyberspace. Poor little thing.

    Happy first year anniversary. You are truly a rare bird in the blogosphere and my heart beats in anticipation of all the delicious posts that 2010 will bring...!


  11. Gracious All. I think I might be a Saint! Kind words are always welcome. Comments about readers are a noNo here-running them away with derogatives I can not afford. Anon. got it off the chest and feels better! GT

  12. Cheeky. But Well Said.

  13. Cheeky,better than sycophant! thanks. GT



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