02 January 2010

Why Don't You? Ivan Teresestchenko

What sort of ongoing feature would the Reader like to see here on Little Augury? I am always thinking about that- and always finding beautiful, provocative images as I read other blogs-

Why don't we see these incredible images in a fashion periodical?

This by Ivan Terestchenko on his January 2 post here. Read about the photograph & see the accompanying  photographs.

Ivan does a blog- an amazing one -posting his photographs and sketches daily. I am overwhelmed by his talents and spirit of camaraderie. Can you afford to miss a single post?

Why don't You, start the new year by adding the best blog subscription to your daily read turning in blog world ?


  1. Hmmm, well I have to admit that I'm generally not very attracted to an image such as the example that you show. Although the seated subject is most enjoyable to look at, I'm somewhat lost and unimpressed with the random torso. Thank you for sharing, and I will check out his blog.

  2. I am thrilled to have discovered this amzing talent. Thank you for the heads-up. I also agree about the styling in the older shelter mags. There is so much there to mine. You have a terrific eye!

    Happy New Year,


  3. Scott- I hope you traveled on to see the other photographs- this one is to me a classical study, the others are dynamic and riotous-and honestly very different. It was hard for me to select one, I hope the others will appeal.G

  4. Chemin de Muguets- great.I wonder how many more starletartlets can be put on covers? or the same old faces- I hope to fantasize about the images I would like to see on covers in the coming year. Stay tuned

  5. The random torso belongs to the manager of this paint company. Should we grieve that he his well built as well and hide it ? Esprit chagrin, passe ton chemin !
    Gay, your friendly words go straight to my heart.
    Happy MMX.

  6. L. A. -I did check out his blog, and am wildly impressed with his work. I didn't mean to be so vocal about my opinion. I can be quite unnecessarily judgmental at times. He's fantastically talented, and I'm thankful to you for sharing.


  7. Ivan Terestchenko - I couldn't be more apologetic. I meant in no way to criticize your ability to capture a beautiful image. You are, as evident by your blog, a supremely talented photographer. I greatly admire your images focusing on subjects such as; interiors, exteriors, landscapes, etc. It's purely a personal preference of mine, but I don't generally enjoy something so stereotypical homoerotic, or perhaps something that honors the male figure in such a exploitive and blatant fashion. Again, I'd like to stress how much I do enjoy most of your work, and no matter the subject I am impressed with your ability. I do hope that you'll count me among your legions of fans. -s.

  8. a peak into ivan's world is a highlight of my day.

    thanks ivan!

  9. I hope Dear Gaye you will not mind an invigorating little controversy ?

    SF, you may find a chiseled chest "homoerotic" but please allow me to resent the exploitive and blatant fashion.
    Or else you must question about everything in the long tradition of classical male representation in the History of Art. However,
    I respect your opinion, Scott. No harm done really, no apology necessary. Ivan

  10. Ivan, As I mentioned in my comments it is to me a classical study-this one especially-Caravaggio? A beautiful body is just that & the face even more so, & in the tradition of such compositions the photograph is timeless. So glad I selected this one to share.G



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