01 January 2010

The Power of a Magazine

I for one would love to see magazines with Content of the sort Little Augury posted from old House and Gardens & Vogues.. What do the few left standing have in store for us? Where are the wonderfully unique interiors,whether those of a celebrity or an unknown? Can a Cover grab our attention like these could? Can the Content keep our interests?



  1. I thought it was magic. I still have my last twenty issues or so. Nothing is quite the same.

  2. A number of years ago Carolina Herrera came to Australia to promote her perfume and I saw her -- she is a tiny little thing.

    I agree - magazines are not what they used to be and they wonder why many are folding! ha!

  3. My take: if you want to be well-read, you have to be red! Nothing shy here. Nothing, all-white, beige or too fearful of color. It is all out, live life at your own speed with confidence and verve. The world has changed, of course, but our admiration for those who go full throttle still appeals to a few of us. I was the only one of my friends who loved HG. Probably a mass media message in that some how.

    At least we have you! Carry on in full color, LA!

  4. How can it be that we're all
    swooning .. "those were the days"
    it was really just yesterday?!!

    Has time just sped up
    or I am just more ancient than
    I can acknowledge?


    1. Times speed up, My "baby" turned 44 last week! I was "40" a couple of years ago!


  5. in the mouche Gaye... goog 2010 to you ;-)

  6. I have a file of clippings from House & Garden- was very sorry to see it fold. Would love to see you devote some posts to World of Interiors. A great magazine that is still alive and kicking- thank goodness.

  7. I pine for even older days and more artits illustrations but with a zest of today thrown in. Really we're spoiled in the way of magazines in France - in fact, it's hard to believe there are so many. Will this last? Magazines here are generally less talkative than in US or UK, but often so visually creative. I'm sure blogs like yours will be influencing the mags of tomorrow. H & G could make a revamped comeback right?

    A Very happy new year to you, Gaye,
    with love and laughs and creative flow! XO - g

  8. I thought House & Garden, 25 or so years ago, under the elegant editorship of Lou Gropp, was one of the best design magazines going. Then, of course, the Newhouses started tinkering...the very odd Anna Wintour fashion/shelter fusion version, HG, and on it went....got better again under Nancy Novrogod.

    I saved every issue for many years. In recent years, not so much. But I do miss it. Thank goodness for British H&G.

  9. I should have added: I have a few issues from the 30's...so stylish.

    BUT, right now, I'm scanning from the absolutely astonishing International edition of June 1949, which will give fodder for my posting for weeks----Mona Williams at home in her tennis court, Paul Louis Weiller in his Elsie deWolfe decorated house at Versailles, Boutet de Monvel at his mill in France (photos by Kertesz!) A Gropius house on the Maine Coast where I've been to many a wonderful dinner party....it just goes on. Magazines definitely aren't what they used to be.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Dear Lord!! Will you share??

      I hope it doesn't give me a heart attack!!! I cannot wait! Lordy!
      You should just "republish" it! Honestly.....

  10. Le Style-send me your scraps!It is a wasteland.

    DED- YOU too! Can not await your posts-it is such fun to cull through the old ones. My grandmother had a shelved closet full of them, alas she unloaded them, but it was inevitable, she scaled down and otherwise lived to be 107! I spent many happy hours sitting at that closet at play. Enjoying your beautiful posts. GT

    1. You are a little luck. I should have known.

      That is how you know so much!

      My mother kept all of her "Flair" magazines.....complete treasures.

      Unfortunately; our house burned down (I had inherited the magazines..they burned!!!..)

      but Fleur Cowles republished the best of them. IN the most touching thing; she republished the "Best Of Flair"!

      I hope available on Amazon. The only reason she had them is because a soldier (on his way to WWII) sent them to her! She made a book!
      what a magnificent book!

      He sent them to her "in case I don't come back"!

      And he didn't!

      Magnificent is all I can say!

  11. I did notice it was a wasteland when I was there in Oct. Couldn't believe it! I'll have to snap the variety you have here on the news stand. Don't know how it can all sell. I try to cut back because I keep tooooo much! As for scraps, you'll have to come and get them!



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