23 January 2010

reprise on having a dress up moment

this dress- amazing. where did I just see it?

dress by Carolina Herrera

here. at the Down East Dilentante.

 Helen Huntington Hull
by Bernard de Monvel



  1. Holy Cow! (If I didn't know better......that would have been all caps.)
    Yikes! what an eye caught that one! so glad to be a part of this!

    She does not like like 73 or whatever the hell she is! Amazing! she "knows what to wear"!!


    Thank you! How lucky can we get!

    ps I saw her (and my husband danced with her) at least 20 years ago at the LA Museum of Art gala.....and she has not changed one iota. There must be a portrait in an attic somewhere......getting older and older. !! She is exquisite....and does not seem to have a "frozen face" (not a good look in my opinion!)
    Lovely pictures! Lovely woman!!



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