25 February 2010

at the Style Saloniste with Diane & Dorothy Parker

 I am so flattered that Diane Dorrans Saeks has written me up on her celebrated blog the Style Saloniste(here). Since Diane is usually writing about White House designer Michael Smith, noted designers Orlando Diaz-Azcuy or a new favourite designer of mine-introduced by  Diane to ME- Jean-Louis Deniot. Diane has written countless books about design and if you enjoy design or keep up with design books-You surely have one of Diane's books on the shelf or on the coffee table. Diane has written about the cards I've created and enjoy sending special friends and clients, they are for sale-but due to the original old post cards used-I know they are considered a bit pricey. I had no inclination when I started making them that I should make them cost effective, but I do think they are unique, if for nothing else the price. As I have said they are very therapeutic-Busy Hands they say. I never remember going into my GranMa's house that she didn't have some sort of handwork at her side or on her lap board.
She lived the idle hands are the devil's work hop philosophy.

Here is one of my favourite cards-I think it is the pairing of the fashion of Louis XVI with a Dorothy Parker quote.

 Parthenia card
(inside-the Dorothy Parker quote below)

Oh life is a glorious cycle of song
A medley of extemporanea:
And love is a thing
that can never go wrong:
and I am Marie of Romania.
Dorothy  Parker

Dorothy Parker at work- Can you imagine her thoughts about the blogging world?
&; who doesn't Love Dorothy Parker? Her wit was much published in all the best magazines, The New Yorker,Vogue, Vanity Fair-during the 1920's and 30's. A fellow observer of people- DP had a bite and a humour that
still does it for me.

why I love Ms.Parker-

I've never been a millionaire but I know I'd be darling at it.
Men seldom make passes at Girls who were glasses.
She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.
Scratch an actor- and you will find an actress.
That woman speaks eighteen languages and can't say No in any of them.
Four be the things I'd have been better without Love, Curiosity, Freckles and Doubt.
You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think.
(all by Dorothy Parker)



  1. Thanks for the laugh! Dorothy Parker was amazing in so many ways. I'm loving your blog.

  2. My favorite Dorothy parker quote:
    "I like to have a martini,
    Two at the very most.
    After three I'm under the table,
    after four I'm under my host."

    We're going through Roxboro tomorrow, and will likely bring you some eggs. Can you use a couple dozen?

  3. Congratulations. Very well deserved, and such a beautiful collection...

  4. hey rurritable, that would be great!, should be here- but if you are on the run leave them on the side porch table(nature's freezer should take care of them for a while) and yes that is one of her best!pgt

  5. Delightful! Can't argue with Dorothy Parker...

  6. I am the blogger who writes on the history of gardens & women in Early America. I just got up the courage to write a personal blog & wanted you to know that one of my first entries is about your blog. You can find it at http://bjws.blogspot.com/.

  7. Bissou from Paris, Images and witty words. Your choices and combinations are uniquely observed, and always tantalizing.

  8. My Father's first gift to my Mother was a book of Dorothy Parker's poems. They wed after knowing each other for three months and are still married.

    I love your blog and cards, Diane always has the best taste.

  9. BWS, Can Not wait to explore your blog! That sheep has been around since the 1880's apparently. Just much thanks for your words, I think it does take a bit of courage to get a blog going- when I started mine I tried to focus on connecting with one reader at a time. Congratulations on yours- are you accepting comments at this point? it doesn't appear so-when you do, I will be sure to have something to say. best, Gaye

  10. Picture, Kendra and Debra- glad you like the cards, They have "elevated" for me since Diane loves them so- I go along pretty much with anything she has to say. thanks for stopping.Gaye

  11. little a ~ I think Dorothy Parker probably would have had a blog. What fun that would have been.

    ...and BWS ~ I am a huge fan of your blog! It is nice to hear your voice out here!

  12. what joy it is, to see the two of you together (Diane and Gayle). what (shattering) mirth it would be to see Dorothy's blog!

    what you are doing here continues to amaze and delight. bravo, always, Little A.!

  13. PGT-

    As Dorothy Parker famously (didn') write or sing:

    You're the top, you're the Mona Lisa...you're the top, you're the Tower of Pisa.....you're a Shakespeare sonnet...and all the other great things.

    You have always been part of my great blog experience--and I look forward to many years of communicating and blogging together.

    fondest to you--and a million thanks, DIANE

  14. Just back from the Style Saloniste site (not easy to say). Really enjoyed learning a bit more about you! Not to mention those cards, which are truly lovely. I especially love the one with the bright pink print and the feather.
    The snow here seems infinite...enjoy your (Southern) weekend.

  15. OMG! I just realized that DDS also wrote about my dear friend madi weinrib in her blog about a month ago! three degress of separation! The Internet is wonderful.
    I am very pleased for you.

  16. The two of you together. Brilliant. Such delight here!

  17. to die, Dorothy Parker, Diane Dorrans Saeks gee how lucky can you get PGT?

  18. Janet- Yes wouldn't it have been darling,she said.
    of course you would have discovered the BWS site, so glad she stopped in.

  19. Victoria, many thanks, DDS is the one who is tops, No?

  20. Zhush, thank you, Diane is so gracious. That card has a passage from Cecil Beaton about his Aunt's chapeau.

  21. Ulla,yes I love her rugs and the purses you featured were lovely.

  22. Gorgeous work, LA. Inspiring to see your drive to accumulate such beauty and then re-imagine it. Congratulations on the recognition of your talent..I loved Diane's story about you. XO Trish



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