24 February 2010

is it a girl? a quote?

NO, it's a chest !

As bloggers will say- I'm smitten. I've always been intrigued by chests and dressers. Everyone seems to have a dresser or chest they inherited, they hate or that they inherited and hate. This particular chest photographed with an Olsen atop it and a quote by the same-, says-its all good! But the chest is a show stopper. I know there are paper covered chests and fabric ones- I see them about, but this one is the best of the best- Chest.

What I love about this piece is the use of the Indian floral Chintz and its border placement. The textile has the look of an old one. I'm not advocating cutting up a valuable piece, but if you are up for a project- Give covering an old piece of chest a try. I would love to have one just like this one since the rich luxury of a tented room done up in yards and yards and swathes and swathes of the fabric is completely out of my decorating picture.

Lee Radziwill in one of the most famous of all the 
Indian chintz tented rooms designed by Renzo Mongiardino

Saffron Marigold here has gorgeous Indian florals by the yard , favourites below that would make a great chest.

 private collection, Horyu-ji, Nara (image from Narablog)
the real deal-could you possibly take the scissors to something so gorgeous?

something else to do with the Indian chintz-but still, I'd rather have the chest. Does anyone know where it is?

1780s Robe a l'Anglaise

Indian export 18th c. from Cora Ginsburg
see the most beautiful textiles at Cora Ginsburg here

Courtney of style court has several great posts on these Indian florals, here and just recently here.
& The Zhush here found these chests by Byronie Porter recently that are papered, but the company does take commissions and there are papers available that could do-


  1. I just discovered you. Thank you for the beautiful visuals and all the info. What an inspiration!

  2. Bennison's Malabar is identical to the Ginsburg piece. But you probably already know that.

  3. I bet you feel so much better now, that you got that off your chest.
    You sure know how to make a girl and a quote and a chest envious.
    I now want to have a hand at creating a chest of my own.

  4. That is brilliant covering a chest like that. I do English Print rooms and I bet the techniques is much of the same. Wet the fabrics, apply a wheat glue and apply to the piece and adjust accordingly (www.printrooms.com) Meanwhile, I am getting very smitten with Indian fabrics between you and Style Court's post the other day. LOVE them and thanks for the source to buy the lengths. Awesome!

  5. Kevin, thanks and glad you found me.

  6. HOBAC, no of all the fabrics over the years I am less than familiar with the Bennison ones. The designer I worked for initially didnt use them, and when I started my own business-I continued Bennisonless.I will be visiting all the fabric houses again this month and look into all their fabrics-this one is gorgeous.

  7. PVE, pretty great I think. I would love one too.

  8. I best Toby Worthington could do something beyond worthy in this genre.

  9. Cynthia, I can't wait to check out your site and your directions for something like this, I am glad you stopped in and that you like the chest with the Indian chintz looks. thanks again.

  10. Home, might just be a bit too bohemian for Mr Worthington. I am always floating between several styles. GT

  11. Love those Indian Prints so much (anywhere and everywhere). The dyes used seem so vibrant too.

  12. I'm totally in love with these fabrics . I adore Ikat , suzani, indiennes, paislay ...Actually I collect old fabrics. ANd I love to use Braquenié fabrics



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