30 March 2010

a bit more Sitwell


The Sitwells by John Singer Sargent, 1900
Edith Sitwell
Sir George Sitwell
Lady Ida Sitwell
 Sacheverell Sitwell, the Spare
Osbert Sitwell, the Heir
(interior of Renishaw)

in the Drawing Room at Renishaw
photographed by Bill Brandt, 1945
Edith Sitwell
Osbert Sitwell
below the Sargent, an 18th c. silhoutte
of the Sitwell and Warnerford families
by Francis Torond

the Drawing Room photograph accompanied a series in Lilliput, Nov, 1949- "An Odd Lot"- text by Alan Pryce-Jones here:  

'In a plain age, they have always maintained coloured standards. Large houses and large imaginings; good prose and good food; movement and vision; warm friendship and blood rows- in public and in private their roles are as remote from the Century of the Common Man as the Aztecs.'

(from THE SITWELLS, Bradford,Clerk,Fryer,Gibson,Pearson)


  1. I am loving all the Sitwell. I don't care what Edith thought or what anyone thinks ... Edith Sitwell is stunningly beautiful!

  2. I too am enjoying Sitwell season - what marvellous images!

  3. Dame Edith's comments about the inaccuracies of the Sargent painting are hilarious in her autobiography "Taken Care Of". Thank you for all your lovely work.



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