30 March 2010

the Sitwell Equation





how could it be otherwise?

image 1- the 18th century Sitwell children,John Singleton Copley 1787
image 2- the Sitwell family estate Renishaw's Entrance to the Wilderness, photograph by Bill Brandt,1945, the images (the Wilderness-also known as Brockhill Wood, the statues are a warrior and an amazon.
image 3- Lady Ida Sitwell, the Sitwell's mother, painted by Sir William Blake Richmond, before marriage the Honourable Ida Denison,descended from the Plantagenet kings
image 4- Osbert (35), ( Edith (age 40) Sacheverell (30) 1927 by Cecil Beaton

Renishaw HERE


  1. Thanks to you I seem to be dreaming of Sitwells; now that mother (such rare beauty!) has arrived, the dreams will only get more interesting.

    Quite the bunch, aren't they? Nothing really compares.

    (Glorious work you've done on this. Delicious.)



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