19 March 2010

I like Kallista-My Project I

Make that- I love Kallista. In working on My Project-( henceforth referred to as My Project), I have returned to the design and classic lines of Kallista.

 Barbara Barry for Kallista

 Michael Smith for Kallista

Michael Smith Vanity from his Country Collection

Plumbing fixtures, Oh-so many bad options, but some very good ones. At Wilkinson Supply Company selections are plentiful. Some clients like to look at everything. At this point in my work, my clients and I am in full agreement- edit as much as possible and do so quickly. I prefer a classic bathroom space-

Like this one at Holkham Hall

Likely, this will not be reproduced in My Project- bit You get the idea.
Kallista has great bones. Owned by the Kohler Company-the fixtures company aligns itself with Baker Furniture and Michael Smith, Barbara Barry and Laura Kirar.

Michael Smith bathroom from Domino magazine

I am taken with Medicine Cabinets-
Old School , Yes! , that's why I love them.
This one-by Michael Smith, image from
here- to see more outstanding medcabs- go here

 Micahel Smith County collection from Kallista

From the Kallista website-


  1. It looks like this project is off to a beautiful start. Michael Smith's fixtures for Kallista are pure perfection!

  2. I think this will be a wonderful project for you and your client. However, for me, Grohe gets my plumbing bucks. I swooned to beauty once. Or twice. This last time, I'm going for function. I know. I know. Cranky 60 year old buying plumbing. What does she know?Faucets that don't leak. Toliets that flush well. Simple needs at this age.

  3. Z, the Kallista pcs are gorgeous, there will be some surprises too.

    HBD, Hansgrohe is great too-I needed a much more traditional look for this one. I have used some other lines in the house as well.

  4. Lovely baths. The Kallista fixtures are grand and the Robern med cabs too.

  5. Classical bathroom space, indeed. That's a dream space. Sigh. The faucets are so beautiful and they look very solid too. HBD is the voice of experience - my kitchen and bathroom planners all recommend Grohe. So that's what we have. I prefer yours though! And that super medicine cabinet!

  6. We need a new medical cabinet badly. My old man hit his head on the glass and cracked it at one corner. We could still see ourselves in it so we let it be until one night the whole cabinet front fell off and took a chunk out of the flipping basin.



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