17 March 2010

Nancy Mitford and Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson has two beautiful blogs, if you follow either-you know this.
my book covers here
ancient industries here

Megan has just unveiled her web design of the Nancy Mitford estate site. here
Megan has designed covers for five of Mitford's novels for Random House coming out in early fall 2010. The covers are exquisite portraits of the author, one special cover is of Nancy as a debutante photographed by Cecil Beaton.   When I saw this cover in 2001-Random House used the photograph in to published two of her titles- The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate, I had to have it, though I already owned another edition of Love in a Cold Climate. I plan to get all the others when fall arrives.

I got a chance to  touch base with Megan about here work-

"The estate, that is, Charlotte Mosley and Debo, were a delight to work with; it was a dream project.  Debo had a party last week in the French Salon at Claridges to launch Wigs on the Green which had been out of print for 75 years so I went and was able to meet Debo and Charlotte. The room was filled with Tennants, Guinnesses and Mosleys, and many Bright Young Things."

"In the summer I'll be staying  at The Swan, in Swinbrook, where Wigs on the Green is set. It is now owned by the Devonshire family. Swinbrook is the most beautiful Cotswold village, and several of the sisters are buried in the grave yard, including Nancy. Her grave stone, along with her Smythson diaries and writing paper, features her symbol, a mole, taken from the Freeman-Mitford family crest."

"Debo has just written her own memoir, so that is something to look forward to."

Nancy Mitford's books- Madame Pompadour, The Sun King are two of my favourite biography's-suggested must reads while waiting for Megan's book covers this fall.

Megan shared her summer reads with me back in the summer-here
The Swan's Inn, Swinbrook here
visit Random House site here


  1. well no doubt they will take forever to come out here but they look beautiful - my Nancy Mitfords are not as nice as these. I love her writing so much. I know she was a very ascerbic person in real life and I felt she had a bit of a sad life towards the end, she had a wonderful facility and flexibility with words. xoxo

  2. Thank you! The re-packaged books will be available here in the autumn.

    Nancy was a tease, with an acerbic tongue on occasion, but it's a bit strong to say that she was an acerbic person. The Mitfords were famous for their liveliness and wit (and exceedingly good manners) and she maintained these qualities throughout her long and painful illness.

  3. Jane, she is a truly inspiring writer. Do think several of the Mitford women had difficulties with love- don't we all. Nancy's may have ultimately been less fulfilled. I think her life fueled her smart sophisticated writing.

  4. Megan, thanks for stopping by to add your thoughts. Would I have loved this lady? Yes, I adore a well placed retort- that coupled with graciousness is rare and devastating!

  5. I have a theory that if you relate to somebody from the past that you have come to know through their writing or other form of self expression, then there is pretty good chance that you would hit it off over a cup of tea or a cocktail....!

  6. It is so interesting to hear about that spot where Nancy is buried. I am a devotee as well. The website is indeed beautiful.

  7. The Mitford sisters are an endless source of fascination for me as well. Off to check out the reading list, Thanks!

  8. Well, I long researched and serched for first editons of all things Nancy to make my colleciton.
    But. I suppose I shall be adding these to the mix, as they are just so darned lovely!
    Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  9. i definitely adore all your writing choice, very useful.
    don't give up and also keep penning considering the fact that it just well worth to read it,
    impatient to look into way more of your articles, regards!

  10. How exciting...going to check Megan's site right now, thank you thank you!!

    Art by arena

  11. hate to admit this - but i bought this book for its cover ages ago - of course - i knew i would like the subject too

  12. Marnie- yes, that is the best case for judging books by covers-some you just do. I love this photograph

    Karena-it's lovely. She has done a beautiful job.

    Z!, with these sisters the stories never end. the sisters letters to each other is an ongoing book I pick up .

  13. Thea, You must get these. I will not be able to resist. Looks like these will be just in time for Christmas giving- I might get them for my niece. I think you will like Megan's covers and sites if you havent checked into them already. pgt



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