04 March 2010

Molyneux:the 1-2-3 Punch

they always work
everyone should have these 3 pieces for a Knock Out
expertly done by Juan Pablo Molyneux

the skirted table

the Coromandel screen

the tapestry*

*this one circa 1550, Belgium. this might be cost prohibitive, but do get a good one preferably without people, get an old one, or get Lauren of Indecorous Taste to paint one!


  1. I love all three of your must haves. I have an oriental screen I love, no tapestry, however I might just paint an amazing one, and of course The Skirted Roundtable
    Art by Karena

  2. I love the way Molyneux decorate a home! I love the skirted table and that beautiful Belgian tapestrie! Isn't that gorgeous!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Karena-painting one would be wonderful-wish I could. These do make impressive pieces wherever they are placed

    Greet- I do too.

  4. I know there has been a poo-poo, tusk-tusk about the skirted thing. I think they are practical and romantic. And, I know, there has been a big don't do of glass on the tops. Just another way to get fabric in a room that adds pattern (or not). If the table is being used (such as one in our tv room), really being used on a daily basis. It makes sense. I have them made with a 1 1/4 inch beveled edge. Or I use a beveled mirror on top. Now a tapestry. That would be lovely. Is there one in LA land?

  5. Oh yes, I think I'd even prefer a wall hanging by Lauren to the original!

  6. Home- I say crap to all the opins about a skirted table- If you love it use them, Not- fine don't. The idea that this is a blog topic to skirt or not is silly to me. Same with the glass-if it is practical to have one- OK. I have used mirror with the old smoked look on them too- looks nice. I love a skirted table- always will and had several in the other house-right now none in this house. I sold a screen and a tapestry (which was really an old painted canvas out of the bigger house-hard but they went to good homes) I love Lauren's canvas tapestry paintings.pgt

  7. You are right , the are masterpieces



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