05 March 2010

the style saloniste, ann getty, 1st dibs & for the love of an amritzar rug


right now at the site 1st dibs, the Style Saloniste- Diane Dorrans Saeks has written a lush story about the design work of Ann Getty. The home of the  younger generation of Trianas  is photographed in Diane's article Estates of Grace. Ann Getty has combined her beautiful opulent baroque style with modern flashes of 20th century art work, youth driven but serious interiors.

Diane can tell you more HERE

The article is accompanied by the incredible photography of Lisa Romerein.

Ann Getty's design work in the Triana's small library- with walls covered in fine naturally shed peacock feathers (I believe a Schumacher paper-though not identified as such)- is pure fantasy and drop dead gorgeous. Not over the top-but just perfectly perched on the edge.(page 9) The monochromatic office is done with an Etro peacock cord fabric on the walls, sharply defined modern pieces, opaline lamps and American West art. A masterfully planned mix of objects,collections, realized by the designer seamlessly. This is another of my favourite rooms. (page 9). Getty's own home is like none other you have seen- likely.

now about that rug- Diane's question and answer portion of the story ends with Getty's selection of her favourites from 1st dibs. They are all exciting-but  the one that grabs my attention is the Antique Amritzar rug available at Peter Pap Oriental Rugs at the 1st dibs site. A 6 x 9ish rug with a colour combination that won't quit. So glad Ann Getty showed this one off to me- it is stellar, Don't you think?



  1. Dear Patricia-

    I love your enthusiasm and passion for all things design.
    PEACOCK WALLS: In fact they are real peacock feathers crafted into a 'fabric' which was then affixed to the walls. It is a tiny and magical room, especially at night.
    I'm pleased that the eclecticism of Ann's work is highlighted on 1stdibs.
    Cheers, DIANE

  2. This is stellar & must check out Dianes post. No one writes such through, fascinating articles as Diane does.

    Thank you and a good weekend to you ~

  3. I love the colors - at first I thought it was a cake!
    It has a sugary sweetness that I love.

  4. I Love this homage to a GREAT decorator, schooled ala DaVinci, SELF TAUGHT! Yes, she had the best of the past to observe, the Museum and Staff too...but SHE went where none of them did, to a place right out of HER SOUL. Such designed layering can only come naturally to those with THE EYE. This EYE you are born with...no school, mentor or book can assume this credit.

    I had the wonderful kismet of meeting her at a Black Tie event I attended for Veranda Magazine at GREYSTONE, the Doheny Mansion of Beverly Hills...I was wandering the rooms devoid of people, since it was quite early, and there in the living room was this Idol of Decor...She is Beautiful, Serene and Humble. Of course, I introduced myself and told her she was such an Icon for me.

    DDS cast her Magnifying Glass onto La Getty, and what a WONDERFUL tale of Style Par Excellence.

    Peacock Feathers are symbols of Immortality...

  5. Oh. My heart is actually beating faster.
    I can see the entire room around this magnificent rug.

  6. Oh so happy everyone is as enthusiastic as I am. The combination can not be beat. Impressive and amazing really that the best article I have read with gorgeous photography, sources, etc is right on the internet- at 1st dibs. Diane with Ann Getty what a perfect match. We are so lucky as bloggers to have Diane amongst us!

  7. That rug is so wonderful-I would love to do a room around this one.

  8. The last time I read an article (can't remember where) about Ann Getty, I was just blown away!! Her collections, color sense and style are impeccable!!

    Come follow me as I am having a wonderful giveaway coming right up!!
    Art by Karena



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