12 April 2010

an 80th

today we celebrate my Mother's 80th Birthday!

April 12

I stood still and was a tree amid the wood,
Knowing the truth of things unseen before;
Of Daphne and the laurel bow
And that god-feasting couple old
that grew elm-oak amid the wold.
'Twas not until the gods had been
Kindly entreated, and been brought within
Unto the hearth of their heart's home
That they might do this wonder thing;
Nathless I have been a tree amid the wood
And many a new thing understood
That was rank folly to my head before. 
Erza Pound


  1. Congratulations! I hope it was a wonderful day to celebrate and enjoy.

    My mother is coming to visit me in France the week after next. I have not seen her for three years. She is also turning 80 this year. After her visit with us, she is meeting friends to go hiking in the south of France. She is my inspiration.

    My very best to both of you,


  2. Happy Birthday to your mother. I know how much she means to you. Have a lovely day xoxo

  3. Then, Little Augury, Happy Birthday to your mother with wishes for many, many happy returns of the day!

  4. My Mother has a special birthday today too!
    Happy 80th to your Mother.

  5. On this lovely celebration, great joy and happiness.

  6. Pound's words go straight to the heart (your love for her so clearly shown!).

    Such beauty. Happy, happy day.

  7. Please give her my regards and best wishes! Hoping to see you sometime this summer..... Alex

  8. Do give Mama little augury a big kiss for me!

  9. Congratulations to her! A wonderful milestone... and a beautiful poem. The gifted Pound.

  10. thanks to everyone.

    Alex W. !!!!, I will do,Love to see many more of your comments in near future. xo,gt



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